What Types of Personal Injury Cases Does Zanes Law Take?


So what types of cases do we take at Zanes Law?

At Zanes Law we’re a personal injury law firm. We have offices in Phoenix, Arizona and Tucson, Arizona but we actually represent people both statewide and nationally. We have lots of clients we take on who get into accidents in places outside of Arizona who’s cases we take on and if we’re not able to, for example, handle the litigation part of that case we have other firms that we associate with. But we’re a personal injury law firm.

We handle car accidents, we handle pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, motorcycle accidents, we handle slip and fall cases where people fall down, we handle dog bites. Quite honestly we will handle any case where somebody is injured and it wasn’t their fault. So if you’ve been injured, call us and we’ll evaluate your case. We’ll tell you what your rights are. We don’t charge for a consultation. We will take care of you at Zanes Law.

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