Causes of Tire Defect Car Accidents

by Doug Zanes | Last Updated: October 12, 2017

Causes of Tire Defect Car Accidents

Every year, 33,000 tire defect car crashes injure 19,000 people reports the National Transportation Safety Board. Protect yourself and others on the road by becoming aware of common tire defects that can affect your safety.

Common Tire Defects

Tire defects can be caused by manufacturer error and everyday wear. Consider these common defects.

  • Inflation: Over or under inflation compromised the tire’s integrity.
  • Heat: Driving on hot roadways or in hot conditions can affect traction. Heat also causes tires’ air to expand, increasing risk of a blowout.
  • Tread: Worn tire tread reduces traction and the ability to stop and navigate obstacles.
  • Tread Separation: Rubber separating from the rim increases the risks of a blowout.
  • Punctures: Even a small hole can affect pressure and performance.
  • Manufacture flaws: Poor design, use of inferior products or other negligence could compromise performance and wear.
  • Loss of air pressure: Seal or stem defects or malfunctions can cause air pressure loss and compromise the tire’s integrity.
  • Installation: An improperly mounted or secured tire could vibrate and affect the vehicle’s performance or fall off.

How to Protect Yourself from Tire Defects

In some cases, you can protect yourself from tire defects. If you perform these six tasks, they’ll help you detect defects and other tire issues on the vehicles you drive.

  1. Research tires via consumer reports before you buy them.
  2. Register new tires so you can be notified of any recalls.
  3. Inspect your tires often, especially before road trips and during warm weather. Look for:
    • Tread health
    • Improper inflation
    • Bubbles, protrusions or punctures
    • Exposed steel threads
    • Missing rubber chunks
    • Cracks along the sidewall and lug nuts
  4. Pay attention to pressure sensors and warning lights located on your dash.
  5. Maintain your tires. Be sure they are inflated properly, rotated regularly and replaced as needed.
  6. Check for recalls at

Tire defects threaten your safety as you drive every day and are responsible for numerous, sever tire defect car accidents. If you are involved in an accident caused by defective tires or think your vehicle’s tires may be defective, contact Zanes Law to discuss your options.

Doug Zanes: Founding Attorney Raised in Douglas, Arizona, and went to college at Arizona State University and graduated from law school at St. Mary’s University School of Law in Texas. Doug began practicing law in Phoenix Arizona in 1997.
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