If you used Roundup weed killer and later developed non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, or a loved one passed away from this type of cancer, you may be eligible to file a lawsuit and pursue compensation for the losses and expenses you endured.

In multidistrict litigation known as MDL 2741, Roundup weed killer manufacturer Monsanto and parent company Bayer AG stand accused of failing to warn consumers that their popular glyphosate-based herbicide could increase the risk of certain cancers.


In multidistrict litigation, every case is different, and the courts decide whether to award compensation—and how much to award—based on the merits of the individual case. While it is possible to look at the bellwether cases and make an educated guess about whether you may win a payout or get a settlement in your case, it is much more difficult to determine how much you may recover.

The value of your case depends heavily on the costs of treatment and related expenses, and the losses you covered as a result of your condition. We will help you identify the most common damages in this type of case and also look for other related damages that may not be as apparent.

Some of the common recoverable damages in this type of case include:

  • Medical treatment and care costs
  • Future or ongoing care costs
  • Lost wages and diminished earning capacity
  • Out-of-pocket expenses related to diagnosis, treatment, or support
  • Pain and suffering and other noneconomic damages

You might also be entitled to recover damages for funeral and burial costs and other related expenses if your loved one passed away after a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis.

In some mass torts, punitive damages are also available. These damages serve as a penalty for the product manufacturer and serve as a warning for other companies. In this case, punitive damages may be available if there is evidence Monsanto or Bayer AG knew of the dangers of their herbicide and failed to adequately warn consumers.


The case linking your cancer to exposure to a glyphosate-based herbicide is a part of the MDL, and they will work as a group to prove this link and collect evidence that shows Monsanto was aware of the potential dangers of their product. The expenses and losses you suffered, however, are up to us to prove.

Some damages are relatively easy to document. Medical bills, receipts for parking, and other paperwork can quickly show how much you spent related to your treatment and care, for example. Other damages, including pain and suffering, though, are more complex.

As a part of building a case to prove your damages, you can count on us to:

  • Gather all medical bills and other related paperwork
  • Collect information about your lost wages and document it with your employer
  • Work with expert witnesses who may include medical care professionals, economists, industry professionals, and others
  • Document the time you spent in treatment and the pain you endured
  • Calculate a fair value for your pain and suffering damages
  • Identify a wide range of expenses and losses you suffered as a result of your condition

The stronger the case we build to prove your damages, the more likely you are to recover any or all of them. For this reason, this is one of the most important parts of pursuing compensation in this type of mass tort.


If you or a loved one used Roundup weed killer and later received a non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosis, Zanes Law wants to evaluate your case today. We offer free case reviews to determine whether you may be eligible to pursue compensation from herbicide manufacturer Monsanto and its parent company Bayer AG.

The Guardian reports that affected users of Roundup have already seen the results of suing for their cancer. Call (833) 214-0917 today to learn more about how you could follow in their footsteps.

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