20 May 2020

Witnesses Help Catch Hit-And-Run Driver In Surprise

A quick-thinking witness was able to help police locate a hit-and-run driver in Surprise. Your Valley reports.

The crash happened between a vehicle and a golf cart. The witness states that the vehicle hit the golf cart from behind, knocking two elderly women to the ground. One had the cart roll over her. People at the scene put the cart back into place while one took a photo of the driver and the vehicle.

The police found the driver, but he denied hitting the cart. He says he was driving for Doordash when he saw the cart already turned over and one of the women on the ground. He couldn’t give further details and was jailed for leaving the scene among other charges.

Both of the elderly women went to the hospital. One sustained a broken arm, but both are expected to survive.

If you are suspected of being part of an accident, you must stay at the scene! If you leave, you may become liable for the accident even if it isn’t your fault. Running away or lying to the police will only cause you more trouble.

Instead of fleeing, contact an attorney for advice after you do your due diligence according to the law. Following the rules will protect you.

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