25 Dec 2019

Two Kids Fight Off Carjacker In Chicago

Two kids in Chicago were able to fight off a would-be carjacker who attempted to steal the SUV they were riding in from an area Domino’s Pizza earlier this week.

ABC 15 in Phoenix reports that the incident happened in the West Rogers Park area of Chicago when the father of three children pulled the family Toyota Highlander into the lot at Domino’s Pizza.  The man left the vehicle running while he went inside the restaurant to pick up the pizza he had ordered.

As he did so, someone jumped into the driver’s seat and began driving off with the vehicle and the children inside.

Imama Muratab, 16, began screaming at the carjacker, “Who are you? Get out of the car!”

Imama told the driver that there was a baby in the car, the family’s four-year-old, Ayesha. The carjacker demanded that Imama get out of the car or he would shoot her.  She later told WGN reporters that the teen suspect did not appear to be armed.

Imama’s 9-year-old brother, Hasnain, repeatedly began to hit the carjacker over the head with his iPad. While choking the suspect from behind, Imama was able to grab her father’s cellphone and call 911.

“Thirty seconds into the call, the dude just hopped out of the car,” Imama said.

Police say that the entire incident involving the Muratab’s vehicle happened in a four-block area.  The children inside the SUV were not injured in any way during the event.

Later, the suspect is believed to have stolen a Toyota Camry. The second stolen vehicle was spotted at a convenience store and four of the five people inside were arrested. One of the suspects did manage to escape.

So far, Chicago police have not said whether one of those arrested was involved in the earlier attempted carjacking.

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