6 Jan 2020

Street Sign Debris Shatters Rear Window, Nearly Hits Driver

One Florida driver is counting himself very lucky after a highway sign that was struck by another driver went airborne and through the rear window of his Corvette.

Fox 10 in Phoenix reports that the incident happened on Interstate 95. The driver, who identified himself as Malcolm, was on his way to the gym from his home in Hallandale Beach, Florida to work out before spending the night celebrating on New Year’s Eve.

Malcolm told police that he was merging into the northbound lanes of the Interstate when the driver in front of him struck the sign.  The metal sign and signpost flew up and impaled the rear window of his white Corvette Stingray. A second vehicle, a Mercedes Benz, also received damage to its headlight from the flying sign, while an SUV also involved in the crash had its airbag deploy during the incident.

Investigators with the Florida Highway Patrol believe that the merge sign telling motorists to merge was already lying on the road as debris before the incident happened.

Malcolm told reporters that he didn’t even see the sign when it came crashing through his Corvette.  “It just happened really fast,” Malcolm said. “It was a big crash. I thought someone had hit me from behind.”

While no one was injured in the multi-vehicle crash, Malcolm is remorseful that he wouldn’t get to ring in 2020 with his cherished Corvette. “It was a beautiful car,” he said.

The Florida Highway Patrol is still investigating the incident.

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