5 Feb 2020

Puppies Saved From Truck In Gas Pump Crash

Unlike wild animals and humans, our pets depend on us to take care of them. It is a reasonable expectation that when an animal is in our care, we will do everything to protect them and keep them from harm.

But that didn’t happen when the driver of a pickup truck crashed into a gas pump at a convenience store in Mesa. According to Fox10 News in Phoenix, the car caught fire, and the driver fled on foot, leaving two Sharpei puppies behind.

Mesa Fire Department firefighters were unaware the dogs were in the vehicle until one of the fire crew spotted the puppies. Firefighter Eric Brunyer spotted one of the puppies in the front seat where most of the fire was concentrated. “I was trying my best to get it out of harm,” Brunyer said.

Another member of the fire crew spotted a second puppy in the back seat of the vehicle. According to Brunyer, the only way to get the dogs out of the burning truck was to spray the fire from the dashboard so that other members of the fire crew could get the puppies out as quickly and as safely as possible.

Fire engineer Michael Clay was handed one of the puppies, grabbed a Fido Bag and went into the Quick Trip station where it was warmer and there was better light to treat the dogs.

Clay told Fox reporters that one of the puppies was worse than the other, and both had some sort of plastic that had melted over their fur and paws. According to an area veterinarian, both puppies are being treated and expected to be ok.

Authorities say that the driver was found about a mile away from the crash scene and was detained. Police believe that impairment was the likely cause of the crash.

Sgt.  Shawn Walkington, with the Mesa Police Department, said that the suspect driver would have to prove ownership of the puppies. The unidentified driver is facing DUI and other related charges.

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