10 Jan 2020

New Charges In Crash Involving Police Officers

A wrong-way motorist involved in a crash in November of 2019, which left two officers with the Tempe Police Department injured, is now facing additional charges recommended by the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

The AZ Family reports that Ohio resident Eldorado Mukaj, 27, had been traveling southbound in the northbound lanes of State Route 51 in Phoenix in a red Corvette when he crashed head-on into the cruiser of a Tempe police officer who was headed northbound.  The chain-reaction crash caused a second officer in a police cruiser to become involved in the accident. 

According to a statement issued by a spokesperson for the Tempe Police Department, neither the police sergeant nor the police officer was traveling with their emergency lights engaged, nor were they pursuing, following or participating in any type of emergency at the time of the collision.  

Both police officers were on duty and were headed to Phoenix to follow up on a missing person’s investigation. They were taken to an area hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries and later released.

Based on the recommendations of the Arizona DPS, the case has been handed over to the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department.

Mukaj suffered severe injuries in the crash and is still recovering in the hospital, so he cannot be booked into jail at this time.  The 27-year-old is already facing the charges of one count of aggravated DUI, two counts of aggravated assault, and four counts of felony endangerment.

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