16 Jun 2020

Five People Are Injured From A Rear-End Accident During A Bachelorette Party

Marriage is an essential rite of passage that is certainly worthy of celebration, and couples everywhere work especially hard to make their celebration memorable for a lifetime. For one wedding party, however, the celebration might well have turned to tragedy when a possibly impaired driver rear-ended their golf cart.

The Arizona Family reports that on Sunday, June 14th, at approximately 2:00 a.m., a bachelorette party made up of four women and one man was traveling northbound on Miller Road in a golf cart near the intersection of Chaparral Road when they were rear-ended another vehicle.

In a statement to reporters, the Scottsdale Fire Department said that all five people riding in the golf cart were ejected from the vehicle. There were some conflicting accounts of the severity of the injuries that of all five people.

Initial reports indicated that all had suffered severe but non-life-threatening injuries. A later report, however, indicated that at least one of the partygoers suffered only minor injuries and is expected to be okay.

Authorities say that 22-year-old Robert A. Gandara was traveling northbound on Miller Road when he struck the cart from behind.  He was uninjured in the crash.

Officers with the Scottsdale Police Department arrested Gandara on multiple felony charges, including aggravated assault.  Authorities say that it is likely there will be more charges filed against related to the incident. Authorities have not indicated whether distractions or substances were being considered as a factor in the crash.

The accident is still currently under investigation.

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