29 Mar 2019

Fatal Motorcycle Accidents On The Rise In Tuscon

The Tucson Police Department recently released a report indicating that motor vehicle and pedestrian accidents have gone down so far compared to 2018. Less encouraging news, however, is that the number of fatal motorcycle accidents has risen compared to last year.

Station KVOA Channel 4 News reported that by March of 2018, there had been just one motorcycle accident involving a fatality. By March 11, 2019, there had already been five fatal motorcycle crashes.

State and National safety administrations have shown through repeated studies that motorcycle helmets and other safety equipment can and does save lives. Even when taking all of the proper precautions when riding a motorcycle, nothing should be considered a guarantee when it comes to an accident. According to Program Manager for Pima Community College, to Missy Blair, every crash is different.

One of the latest crashes, an accident which happened in March in the area of Valencia Road and South Missiondale Road, a rider who had been wearing a helmet, was riding through an intersection when the driver of a passenger vehicle made a left turn in front of him. Neither speed nor impairment were believed to have played the role for either driver in the fatal crash.

Having lost members of their own team and realizing that riding a motorcycle is not without dangers, Blair said in a statement that, “training could mean the difference between life and death in a dangerous situation.”

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