26 Jul 2019

Doctors Call Boy’s Recovery From Crash A Miracle

A 13-year-old Glendale boy is grateful to be alive after he was hit by the driver of a box truck in May. The driver of the truck then left the scene of the crash, leaving the minor with multiple skull fractures and in extremely critical condition. 

ABC 15 in Phoenix reports that Adrian Coronel, 13, was skateboarding outside of his home near the intersection of 67th Avenue and Camelback Road on May 6th at approximately 8:45 p.m. when he was struck by the truck. 

Adrian’s family members and an eyewitness from a nearby RV shop heard the crash and rushed to the scene to find the boy lying in the roadway, blood coming out of his ears and mouth as he was gasping for air.

The eyewitness from the RV shop, Roger Hackl, called 911 and told ABC that he’d never forget the sound of the truck’s engine as it fled the scene.

“You could hear the roar of the engine as he went by,” Hakcl said.

Adrian was rushed to the hospital and treated for internal bleeding, three broken ribs, a broken spleen, and multiple skull fractures. Surviving the hit-and-run crash was uncertain.

The driver of the box truck remained at large for two more days before he turned himself in. Police arrested Jesse Mendoza, 44, after he admitted to the accident and is now facing multiple charges including, failure to stop after an accident involving serious injury, failure to render assistance, tampering with physical evidence, and driving on a suspended or revoked license.

Adrian doesn’t remember much after the crash but will likely bear the scars on his body for years to come as a reminder of that day. While Adrian’s recovery is going very well, he isn’t at 100% just yet. Adrian’s mom, Natalie Acevedo, says that sometimes Adrian’s mind wanders and he is forgetful. Adrian still makes regular visits to Phoenix Children’s Hospital for physical therapy and likes going to the sessions. 

After the accident, doctors told Acevedo that on a scale of 1 -10, Adrian’s injuries had been a 10. That Adrian survived the accident and is making a dramatic recovery is definitely what his doctors and his family would call a miracle. 

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