28 Oct 2019

Accident In Intersection Saves Family In Crosswalk From Worse Accident, Video Captured

It’s hard to imagine that one accident could possibly prevent another even more tragic accident from occurring, but that’s precisely the scenario that unfolded in Phoenix last week.

Dashcam video taken from a Phoenix Police Department cruiser shows a young family of three, their child in a stroller attempting to cross the intersection at 53rd Avenue and Indian School Road.  CNN reported on its website that the family had the right of way and was about a third of the way across the street when a Jeep was heading straight for them at a high rate of speed. 

Just before the Jeep reached the family with the stroller, a dark Chevy Cruz struck the Jeep that might otherwise have hit them and caused a severe accident.

The family was unharmed in the incident, and the driver of the Chevy Cruz suffered only minor injuries.

According to Sgt. Tommy Thompson, spokesperson for the Phoenix Police Department, the driver of the Jeep has been identified as Ernesto Oveso, 23, who was suspected of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Oveso reportedly became argumentative with witnesses to the incident and attempted to flee the scene. When confronted, Oveso pulled out a knife and attempted to stab the driver through the window. 

Oveso was placed under arrest on multiple charges, including suspicion of DUI, prohibited possession of a firearm, aggravated assault, and four prior warrants that had been issued for his arrest.

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