26 Mar 2020

A Passenger Suffering From Gunshot Wounds Was Involved In A Rollover Crash

When a loved one is sick or hurt, it’s only natural to do all that we can to get them help and to get it fast.  Emergencies can cause some people to take unnecessary risks and can turn a bad situation into an even worse one.

The AZ Family reports that may have been what happened in the early hours of Monday morning when a Phoenix man was trying to rush a woman who suffered a gunshot wound to the hospital.  On the way to get the woman treatment, the man’s vehicle ended up in a roll-over crash on US Highway 60.

A spokesperson for the Phoenix Police Department said in a statement that the incident began at approximately 4:30 a.m. on Monday, March 23rd, when police officers responded to a call of gunshots being fired in the neighborhood of Baseline Road and 45th Street.  Eyewitnesses to the incident told police that they had seen a vehicle fleeing the area after the shots were fired.

While Phoenix Police officers were responding to the initial call, the Department of Public Safety received another call reporting a rollover crash that happened on US 60 at Dobson Road.  The car in the rollover crash matched the description of the one that fled the scene where the gunshots were reported.

Inside the vehicle, DPS officers found a man and a woman who had suffered a gunshot wound.  Both the woman and the driver of the car were transported to an area hospital for treatment. Their identities and current condition were not available at the time of the report.

The incident is still under investigation.

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