Investigators Examining Role Of Three Bars In DUI Crash

After a wrong-way crash that claimed the lives of four people on Interstate 19, investigators are now turning their attention to three bars and restaurants that may have played a role and be subject to fines and penalties.

According to a report aired on KGUN Channel 9, investigators believe that the fatal crash that happened back in May could likely have been caused after a woman was served liquor at three different locations for several hours. After her drinking binge, the woman drove the wrong way on I-19 and hit a vehicle carrying a mother and her two young sons.

The incident is now being looked into by Arizona’s Department of Liquor Licenses and Control. Surveillance video of Tambra Hoskins, who was working as a bartender at Green Valley’s American Legion Post 131, shows Hoskins drinking from a personal cup throughout her work shift. The video obtained also shows her drinking from a drink from one of her customers and pouring Fireball liquor into her cup at the end of her shift.

Officials are now determining whether or not the Legion could be liable for Hoskins drinking on duty and leaving the premises with alcohol.

Hoskins then went to the Easy Street Lounge to meet with a group of friends. It was there that she consumed two vodka tonics and possibly more shots of Fireball. The Department of Liquor Licenses says that surveillance video from the Easy Street Lounge does not indicate that Hoskins was intoxicated, so the bar is likely not to face any penalties.

The third bar implicated in the case is the 19th Hole. It is there that Hoskins has another shot of Fireball, consumes part of another vodka and tonic. Even though the server at the 19th hole determined that Hoskins is intoxicated and refused to serve her any additional alcohol, he did not take away the drinks that had already been served to her.

The server told investigators that he was under the assumption that Hoskins’ boyfriend would be driving her home. Her boyfriend, who refused to give her a ride, told investigators that she would drive home in a similar state all of the time.

Investigators say that the 19th Hole will likely be facing penalties for their role in contributing to Hoskins’ intoxicated state prior to the fatal crash.

An autopsy performed on Hoskins’ body determined that she had a blood-alcohol level of 0.318 percent; a level that is four times the Arizona state limit of 0.08 percent.

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