Father Arrested After Suspected DUI Crash Kills His Son

There are few things worse for a parent to suffer than the loss of a child. For parents who, through a lapse of judgment, end up causing such a loss face an even greater burden.  Such appears to be the case for a man who was arrested over the weekend for his role in a suspected DUI crash that left his 7-year-old son dead.

ABC 15 in Phoenix reports that on Sunday, December 8th in Clinton, a 32-year-old driver from Dodus, New York, was driving his Kia Optima eastbound on the paved shoulder of Hall Road.  He continued driving his vehicle along the shoulder even as the pavement transitioned into a right turn lane into the southbound lanes of Heidenreich.

The vehicle continued eastbound through the intersection and jumped a curb before crashing into a traffic signal pole.

A group of eyewitnesses saw the crash and called 911 to the scene of the accident.

When officers from the Clinton Township Police Department arrived at the scene, they found the driver had suffered significant injuries in the accident.  The man’s 7-year-old son who had been riding in the vehicle with him at the time of the crash was pronounced dead at the scene

The driver was taken to an area hospital for treatment of his injuries. Police later arrested him on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.  Authorities have not yet released his identity.

The driver is currently being held in the Clinton Township jail.


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