Cyclist Crashes Into Pecan Grove, Dies In Accident

Arizona roads and highways boast some of the most beautiful and scenic landscapes in the entire country. Motorcyclists have traveled from around the world to experience the natural beauty that our state has to offer. 

Traveling by motorcycle, however, is not without certain risks.  Even if bikers take every safety precaution, a motorcycle accident could mean serious injury or death.  Station KVOA in Tucson reports that such an accident happened in Sahuarita on Tuesday along the Nogales Highway when a 70-year old motorcyclist lost control of his bike.

According to a statement made by a spokesperson for the Sahuarita Police Department, 70-year-old Alfred Eaton was traveling southbound on Sahuarita Road near the Nogales Highway just before 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, July 1st when he lost control of his motorcycle.   The bike veered off the road near the railroad tracks and into a grove of pecan trees.

Sahuarita Police officers arrived at the scene of the crash and attempted life-saving measures, but were unsuccessful. 

Investigators say that speed, impairment by either drugs or alcohol had no contributing role in the fatal crash.  Eaton was the sole rider of the motorcycle.  Officials say that he had been wearing a helmet at the time.  Eaton’s family members have been notified.

An investigation has determined that Eaton likely suffered a medical issue just before the crash. 

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