If I hire an attorney, will my case require a trial?

You might be thinking: If I hire an attorney will my case require a trial?

One misconception of hiring a personal injury attorney for your auto accident claim is that you have to go to trial.

That is entirely FALSE! We’re able to settle the vast majority of the cases that we work on for the monies our clients deserve without having to go to trial. In fact, less than 10% of our cases go to trial.

Please know that it’s entirely up to you, the accident victim, to go to trial or not. Meaning, if your case approaches a point where trial is an option, your attorney will explain in detail all of your options and what going to trial will entail. You (the client) then have the decision to go to trial or not.

Your attorney will support your decision either way.

If you’re currently working with a personal injury attorney and they have advised you to go trial- don’t be afraid to ask questions until you feel confident about your decision.

Your attorney should be patient and helpful during this process and look out for your best interest.


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