Will I Have To Go To Court For A Car Accident In Phoenix, AZ?

Will I Have To Go To Court For A Car Accident In Phoenix, AZ?

Without knowing the specifics of the car accident, it is difficult to say whether you will have to go to court for a car accident in Phoenix, AZ. In some cases, the other driver and the insurance company are willing to offer a fair settlement outside of court that pays you the full amount to which you are entitled. When this happens, you can avoid a court appearance and still get paid. Other times, however, getting what you deserve requires going to court, and it is usually well worth it in the end.

For help with your car accident claim, look for a Phoenix car accident law firm that fights for the rights of accident victims. In addition to helping you get paid the money you deserve, they should be willing to do it all from A to Z, taking all the stress that comes with an accident off your shoulders so that you can focus on getting better.

A car accident lawyer in Phoenix should be willing to take on the other driver and their insurance company and help you recover compensation. They should offer a free case evaluation, come to you when and where it is convenient, and even let you sign up with them in one phone call. Just as important, they should never collect a fee until you get paid. They can help you understand the specifics of your car accident, including if you bear any blame for the accident under AZ § 12-2509.

The Factors That Determine if a Court Appearance Is Necessary

You are probably not dying to spend time in a courtroom, and we do not blame you. After all, we are lawyers. We are in our element there, and it is still not our favorite place to be. Courtrooms are stuffy and nerve-wracking. Taking a day off from work, arranging for childcare, and rearranging your life for a court appearance are huge inconveniences. That said, if appearing in court makes the difference between a paltry settlement (or none at all) and a robust award that pays you what you deserve, it is definitely worth your time to go.

Several factors determine whether you will need to appear in court to collect compensation after a car accident. They include:

The Severity of Your Accident

In the case of a minor accident, the insurance company is probably more likely to agree to the settlement we ask for and not dispute it. If the damages are substantial, however, the insurance company will probably try to pay less than what we ask for, no matter how strong our evidence is. If so, we may elect to go to court and let a jury see for themselves that you deserve the compensation we are requesting.

The Value of Your Claim

The value of your claim is another major factor in whether a court appearance is necessary. Insurance companies are less likely to quibble over a few hundred dollars than they are over tens of thousands of dollars. If your accident involved substantial damages totaling in the tens of thousands of dollars, or even higher, your claim is more likely to require a court appearance. The higher the dollar value, the more likely a court appearance will be necessary.

The Insurance Company

Not all insurance companies are created equal. Some have reputations for being more agreeable to working with accident victims, not trying to undercut them on claims. Other insurance companies are notorious for lowballing claims, denying liability, and generally being difficult. Unfortunately, you cannot control who the at-fault driver has as an insurance provider. If it is one of the companies known for being difficult, we may end up in court in order to get you paid what you deserve.

What Happens in Court

While we always try to get our clients paid without a court appearance, the truth is it is not as scary or intimidating as one might believe. Even if you have to appear, you may not even need to testify—we will handle most of the talking and the arguing on your behalf.

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