Why Does Medicare Get Paid Back in a Injury Claim?


So if your health insurance is Medicare, why does Medicare have to be paid back?

Medicare is a federally funded health insurance plan. So built into the system, our federal government, our politicians, have built in a requirement that Medicare be reimbursed for any medical bills that they pay if you ever receive compensation from the party that injured you. Meaning Medicare doesn’t want to let you get paid and they get stuck paying the bill and don’t get reimbursed. It’s federal law.

Medicare is actually what’s known as a super lien. So not only are you as the client who’s received the medical care responsible to reimburse those bills, Medicare could come after my law firm if we fail to reimburse them. Medicare could come after, lets say, an auto insurance company like State Farm if they fail to make sure that Medicare gets reimbursed. Anybody who had any involvement in your case is actually responsible monetarily to pay that lien, in addition to us as lawyers being responsible ethically. So Medicare is just something that we have to deal with and that we deal with in lots and lots of cases.

So if Medicare is your health insurance coverage and you’ve been injured in an accident, call us because we know how to take care of it correctly and we know how to take care of it in a way that helps your case resolve more quickly.

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