Tricks Insurance Adjusters Try to Use


So what tricks do insurance adjusters use when you bring a personal injury case?

I can tell you the one I see most, and I consider this to be a trick, is at the beginning of a case they’re very nice to people. I think that’s what they’re trained to do. They’re very nice to you as the person that’s been injured in the hopes that if they’re very nice to you you’re gonna decide that they’re gonna be fair with you and you won’t hire a lawyer. Then you’ll make the initial mistakes that people make, whether it revolves around medical care or other things, and once those mistakes are made the damage is done to your case. I think that’s trick number one. Trick number two is at the same time they’re being very nice to you, they offer you a settlement of five hundred dollars or seven hundred dollars, a small settlement, and if you take it today your case is done.

If you realize a week later that your back still really bothers you and you’re not better, your case is done and they have no further liability. That’s trick number two that I see all the time. Another trick that I think is really, really bad is I have seen an adjuster over the years, or two, actually lie to Spanish speaking clients who don’t speak English when all the paper work is in English. So they lie to them about what the paperwork says, they get them to sign off on a settlement of their case when they tell them it’s only settling their property damage but the paperwork says it’s settling the whole case. That’s a huge trick. The point is, they have lots of tricks, we know them all.

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