Should I Hire An Attorney Or Let The Insurance Company Handle My Car Accident Claims In Phoenix, AZ?

Should I Hire An Attorney Or Let The Insurance Company Handle My Car Accident Claims In Phoenix, AZ?

There were over 125,000 accidents in Arizona in 2018, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. We encourage all Phoenix, Arizona car accident victims to reach out to the Zanes Law team for a complimentary consultation and case review before discussing their case with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. By trusting your case to one of our attorneys, you ensure your rights remain protected and have someone fighting for the payout you deserve. If you let the insurance company handle your car accident claims in Phoenix, AZ, you might miss out on chances to collect damages that a lawyer could point out for you.

While we do not generally need to take these cases to trial, sometimes it becomes necessary. We will build a case that will stand up to scrutiny in court, just in case. This allows us to file a lawsuit on your behalf if we cannot recover the payout you deserve through the insurance claims process.

Your Phoenix Car Accident Attorney Will Represent Your Best Interests

The insurance adjuster’s priority is always their company’s bottom-line. They may appear to be on your side and seem to want to help you recover the compensation you need to cover your damages, but you are not their priority. They may use tricks and tactics to get you to say things or submit evidence that could reduce the value of your case.

When you hire a lawyer to handle your claim and attempt to negotiate an out-of-court settlement, your best interests are their priority. If you enlist the help of a Phoenix car accident lawyer from Zanes Law, we work for you. We will pursue compensation on your behalf, fighting for the fair settlement value you deserve based on the facts of your case.

An Attorney Can Help You Pursue Compensation for Your Full Range of Accident-Related Damages

In many cases, accident victims who have an attorney representing them can recover more in damages than those who handle their own claims. This is because attorneys understand how to identify the full range of damages and put a fair settlement value on a case. The insurance company may ask about your medical bills and the replacement cost of your vehicle, but there will be few other things on their list.

However, accident victims incur many expenses and losses that are often overlooked. Our attorneys know what to ask about, as well as how to document other damages that are often underestimated or not included, such as:

  • Future care needs
  • Lost benefits from time missed at work
  • Out-of-pocket expenses, such as parking at the hospital or doctor’s office
  • Transportation expenses like a rental car or taking a rideshare
  • Noneconomic damages, including pain and suffering

We will call experts who can help us understand the nature and severity of your injuries, your future medical care needs, and the pain and suffering you endured. We will calculate a fair settlement value for your full range of current and future losses and pursue compensation based on that value.

Let Zanes Law Help You with Your Phoenix Car Accident Claims

A representative from Zanes Law can discuss your case with you today. We can help you understand your options and outline your rights. If you are considering whether you want to enlist the help of an attorney, it is important to remember that these consultations are free, and there is no obligation to sign up for our services afterward. It is important that you make a decision quickly, though.

Our attorneys may be able to help you:

  • Protect your right to pursue compensation and hold the negligent party liable
  • Build a compelling case to prove negligence and liability
  • Minimize any accusations that you contributed to causing the accident
  • Document your damages
  • File an insurance claim and negotiate an out-of-court settlement
  • File a personal injury case and represent you in court

AZ § 12-542 generally gives us two years from the date of a car accident to decide to take the case to trial. If we have not already reached an out-of-court settlement agreement by the time this date approaches, we may need to consider taking legal action. We will lose negotiating power as soon as your right to file a lawsuit expires.

Talk to a Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer Today

The Phoenix car accident team from Zanes Law can review your case and go to work for you today. We do everything from A to Z to protect the rights of Arizona accident victims. We can handle your car accident claim or file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf. If you let the insurance company handle your car accident claims, there is always a chance that the insurance company can take advantage of you.

Call (833)-629-7684 now for your free case review with a member of our team. We can sign you up during the same phone call or during our meeting with you at your home or hospital room.

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