Phoenix car accident lawyers communicate directly with their injured clients


So can my lawyer or paralegal talk to somebody other than me about my case? For example, can they talk to my spouse? Can they talk to my kids or my boyfriend or girlfriend about my case instead of you as the client? Generally, as a firm, our answer is no. That’s actually our firm policy.

Technically, can you give that permission? Maybe. But we don’t like to do that and here’s why. You’re our client. You’re the person that we want to communicate with. We want to make sure that there’s no confusion about your case or what’s going on with your case between you and your lawyer or paralegal. And inevitably, when we’re having those conversations with somebody other than you, something gets missed.

Something gets miscommunicated, questions that you have don’t get asked and quite honestly we run into lots of other issues. Whether it’s a spouse who is insisting that they be part of the conversation when our client truthfully really doesn’t want that to be the case but they don’t want to be the bad guy in the relationship. They don’t want to say no. And so our policy has always been we communicate directly with our client and no one else. And we ask our clients, quite honestly, to honor that because in my experience as somebody who’s represented thousands of clients over the years, that tends to work out very very well. And once we start to bring other people into the mix who we don’t represent, who don’t have a case, it negatively impacts things.

That’s how we do it at Zanes Law so if you’ve been injured in an accident please call us and we’ll take care of you, because you’re our client.

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