Car accident lawyer’s advice on communication with lawyers


So do you need to call us every time you see a new doctor and give us that doctor’s information?

The answer is yes. That’s something that we actually need our clients to do. And the reason is because, quite honestly, in a lot of cases our clients see lots of medical providers. They’ve been hurt in an accident and in order to get better they need to see not one medical provider, not two, not three, but throughout the life of a case they’ll see a dozen different doctors.

The best way for us to know who you as our client is seeing for medical care is to simply have you tell us. That’s why we communicate so often with our clients. When a paralegal calls your or your attorneys calls you and asks you about your medical care you actually want to tell them well here are the doctors that I’ve seen up to this point. Because what happens, unfortunately, sometimes is we learn of a new medical provider when we’re reviewing medical bills or I should say medical records that we’ve gotten from other medical providers that have mentioned a new doctor’s name in it. And what that does is it makes your case take longer. It now makes us put everything else on hold to then go get those medical records and those medical bills when if we had known about it a month or two earlier we could have gotten them much sooner which would have kept your case moving forward. Communicating that with us as your lawyers is very important. That’s what we ask all of our clients to do and certainly if you’re watching this video and thinking of calling Zanes Law and sitting down and hiring us to help you on your case, that is one of the things we will ask you to do throughout your case.

So if you’ve been hurt in an accident give us a call and we’ll do everything that needs to be done to help you.

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