Zanes Law Featured in Tucson Model Magazine

Zanes Law Featured in Tucson Model Magazine If you are injured in an accident in Arizona, you want a caring attorney who cares about you and the community and values the spirit of giving back.

Zanes Law Featured in Tucson Model Magazine

Although they just recently announced plans to expand into the Phoenix metropolitan area, Zanes Law will always hold an important place in the Tucson community. That was more than evidenced in a recent article about firm CEO/Responsible Attorney Doug Zanes and Claudia Zanes Director of Business & Marketing (Non-Attorney). The couple was featured in Tucson Model Magazine, one of the city’s latest publications focusing on local talent and community-building figures.

Labeled a “business power couple” by the magazine, Doug and Claudia were lauded for their efforts to represent their clients well while actively serving the community. With Doug at the helm leading a legal team with more than 40 years of combined experience and Claudia using her years of experience in business and marketing, the firm has become one of the most recognizable firms in the Southern Arizona area.

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The Tucson Model Magazine article delved deeper than most typical magazine features, however. Both Doug and Claudia explained that their success has not always been met with open arms. According to the story, success often brings criticism, something the couple discussed at length in the story. The story also brought up current themes in lawyers and the use of marketing tools, which Doug commented on extensively.

One of the most defining characteristics of Zanes Law, besides being a well-known accident Law Firm in Southern Arizona is the community outreach and support the staff has engendered in the state. The article discussed some of the many ways Zanes Law has supported the local community and referenced the many community organizations both Doug and Claudia are involved in.

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