Zanes Law Selfie Commercial

Zanes Law Selfie Commercial The Zanes Law selfie commercial is an innovative approach to marketing and has been a big hit.

First Ever Selfie Commercial in Arizona Personal Injury Industry?!

Well.. we’re not 100% certain on that! Many of our blog followers know that, at Zanes Law, we get a little bit excited about our technology…


We get a LOT BIT excited! We get excited about new our new commercials, new media (social media too!) new tech partners, new learning tools….

This time we are geeking out about the selfie…

No, no… we know selfies have been around! I mean have you seen our Facebook page?

Yeah, we got the selfie down!

But now Zanes is taking selfie to a whole new level…

(at least in the personal injury industry) with the launch of our new selfie videos!

These videos will be all about our “clients” documenting themselves in LIVE time from the start of their accident, through their experience with Zanes Law and its team, all the way to the end of their case!

Tell us you’re not excited about this?! We are definitely pumped because it’s all about showing clients and potential clients the story and the journey from the client’s’ perspective…

You can hear us tell you about the process all day long…

But this time we want you to hear it, see it, and feel it from the actual person going through the experience…

What better way to do that then through a selfie video!

*Disclaimer: All “clients” portrayed in these selfie videos are actors depicting the stories of Zanes Laws’ clients.





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