Zanes Law and Mary Rabago

Zanes Law and Mary Rabago

At Zanes we believe that accessibility and knowledge is power …

We also believe that giving those two things to our clients will exponentially help them better understand their case and in turn be a partner with their attorney and their case manager for a healthy recovery in every way…

This is why we have never have language be a barrier for our clients… In fact…

Did you know that we have Spanish speaking attorneys ready and on call to answer any clients’ question without hesitation of a language barrier?

Did you know that we have Spanish speaking case managers that are able to be a guide for our clients through their entire case in a language they feel most comfortable in?

Did you know that we have Spanish speaking Intake coordinators, who upon calling, are immediately helping potential clients feel at ease about a very scary situation?

And now we want that legal accessibility and knowledge getting to potential clients long before they come to our doors!

Zanes Law is happy to announce that we have officially partnered with long time Phoenix Univision anchor and famous face of Azteca America television, Mary Rabago!

Yeah, we know… We are pretty darn excited as well!

Rabago hosts a radio show on 1190AM where we will be discussing all things personal injury law and other legal issues…

Completely in Spanish!

Our goal here is to educate our Hispanic community about their legal rights…And do it without language as a barrier.

The show airs both in Tucson and Phoenix so tune in and lean in for that same great Zanes knowledge…just in a different language hosted by a woman who so many love!


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