Tax Season is Upon Us!

We hate to be the bearer of bad news… in fact, we prefer to keep it light around here…


We wanted to let you know it’s tax season and well… you’d better get to it! And if you think you’re behind, then it may be a little validation to the IRS who is already racking up problems for this 2014 tax return year.

A report released from the IRS includes the warning, “taxpayer service has reached unacceptably low levels and is getting worse.”


A local Phoenix news station visited the Arizona Department of Revenue recently to find all customer service windows open and occupied with people who were looking for face to face assistance with tax and filing issues.

“We’re looking to get returns processed and refunds out as early as next week,” said Sean Laux with the Arizona Department of Revenue.*

Last year, AZDOR answered almost a whopping 300,000 calls from taxpayers with questions and concerns.

Representatives  of the IRS fielded almost 6,000 emails and the agency issued 2.1 million refund checks to individual filers.

On average it takes seven days to process a state tax return and mail you a refund if you are owed one.


…More bad news (as if taxes aren’t bad enough!)…If you need tax assistance from the federal government, you may be out of luck this year. With budget cuts and total staff reductions within the IRS, this mean less representatives to aid in the stressful process of tax filing.

In fact,  it is urged that private, professional help may be the best route for 2014 returns. Some experts are glumly looking at this tax paying season as the worst one yet.

*Longo, A. (2015, February 6). AZ gears up for state tax season; feds expect delays. Retrieved March 1, 2015, from

Please keep in mind that we are Arizona personal injury lawyers, not tax lawyers. Therefore, we cannot assist you with any tax questions you may have.

Be sure to contact a tax attorney in your state to answer your tax specific questions.

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