What Compensation Can I Get if I Sue for Defective 3M Earplugs?

What Compensation Can I Get if I Sue for Defective 3M Earplugs? If you sustained hearing damage or tinnitus after using 3M’s defective earplugs, you may receive compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and emotional damages.

The compensation you can get if you sue for defective 3M earplugs could cover your economic costs from your hearing damage and tinnitus, as well as various non-economic damages. The types and amount of damages you can recover will depend upon your particular condition and how it has affected you.

The following list shows some of the types of damages for which you may receive compensation if you sue for the defective 3M earplugs:

  • Fees from physicians
  • Costs of medical treatment
  • Prescription medicines
  • Hearing aids
  • Assistive devices
  • Lost wages
  • Lost benefits
  • Diminished future potential earnings
  • Emotional anxiety
  • Pain and suffering
  • Diminished quality of life

Sending a Message to 3M

Although a settlement or verdict award will help you recover the costs of treating the hearing damage and/or tinnitus from which you now suffer because of the CAEv2, nothing can truly restore your life as you once knew it.

It falls upon us to send a message to Corporate America: that companies cannot sacrifice the expense of the health and well-being of the American people for profit —especially those who sacrificed to serve their country. By joining the thousands of other afflicted veterans and civilians in their lawsuits against 3M, you can reinforce the message that defrauding the American people does not pay.

Military Veterans From 2003-2015 Who Suffered Hearing Damage May Be Able to Sue

Veterans are suing 3M for the hearing damage they sustained as a result of wearing the government-issue earplugs during their active military service. If you are a veteran and suffer from hearing loss or tinnitus after using these hearing protection devices, you can join thousands of other veterans in their pursuit of damages from 3M.

Because, as a veteran, the questions of fact for your case are strongly similar to other veterans filing suit against 3M, you will be joining a legal action whose current cases have been centralized and transferred to multidistrict litigation (MDL) court. Your case stands on its own merits, but the process will move more efficiently and consistently with the MDL addressing all the pretrial issues of evidence all at once.

Most likely, the MDL will either dismiss or oversee a settlement for your case, and your damages will be determined in this course of action.

As a veteran filing a lawsuit against 3M for hearing damage sustained from the CAEv2, you will need to show that you served between 2003 and 2015, used these earplugs, and have a medical diagnosis of hearing impairment or tinnitus to benefit from the MDL.

Anyone Who Suffered Hearing Damage From 3M’s Defective Earplugs Can Sue

If you are a civilian who used 3M’s CAEv2 and now suffer from a hearing loss or tinnitus, you also may be eligible to receive compensation from the manufacturer. You will need to show that you used the CAEv2, as well as provide documentation of your medical diagnosis for hearing impairment or tinnitus.

Because you will be suing a corporation, keep in mind that the “middlemen” involved in the chain of distribution may also be named in your lawsuit, from the manufacturer to any distributors, resellers, or suppliers.

Defective Product Lawsuits

Defective product lawsuits are considered personal injury actions, but they also have some rules specific to this type of case. Each state has its own set of legal rules for defective product cases, but the rules are essentially the same in spirit.

Consumers can seek compensation for three types of product defects:

  1. Design defects (problems inherent in the product before it has even been manufactured)
  2. Manufacturing defects (flaws that occur as a function of the product being made)
  3. Marketing defects (information, labeling, instructions, warning labels, etc.)

Plaintiffs in a 3M defective earplug lawsuit can claim both design and marketing defects.

Hire an Attorney to Fight for Your Compensation

There is no doubt that you deserve to receive compensation for your hearing damage from defective 3M earplugs. Going up against a huge conglomerate like 3M can be daunting. A 3M defective earplugs lawsuit lawyer can help you stand up to this deep-pocketed defendant with conviction.

Our legal team will do everything from A to Z to see that you receive compensation for the price you have paid at the hands of this company’s sloppy design and fraudulent practices.

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