There are entities that are supposed to keep the roads in Tucson safe to drive on. While government officials can’t control the weather, they can still put out signs to direct you around unanticipated erosion. Similarly, these parties can invest in road repair to limit the damage potholes can do to your undercarriage.

If you crash on a poorly-kept road, you may be able to hold government officials liable for your losses. Our dangerous road condition accident lawyers in Tucson at Zanes Law can help you assess your situation. We can then file a complaint against the proper parties.

Duty of Care and Roadway Responsibilities

There is a difference between the duty of care owed between drivers and the rules of the road. If you violate the rules of the road, you may receive a ticket or face criminal charges. Comparatively, drivers who violate their duty of care may not suffer immediate consequences for their actions. However, these drivers can be held liable for accidents, should they cause them.

When the weather turns dangerous or roads get bumpy, the “reasonable care” defined by a duty of care grows more serious. Poor weather should see drivers slowing down and signaling your intentions well in advance. This “reasonable care” also means that drivers should be more cautious on uneven or unprotected roads.

Again, drivers who do not take care under dangerous roadway conditions are not guaranteed to cause an accident. Should those drivers do you harm, though, you can use their violated duty of care as evidence in a civil case. If you can prove that a violated duty contributed to your losses, you can then require the offending party to help you financially recover.

Road Condition Claims and Your Post-Accident Financial Support

The losses you endure in a dangerous road condition accident are going to be unique to those aforementioned conditions. If you want to bring a complaint to court, though, you need to determine what the overall value of those losses looks like.

Calculating these losses doesn’t have to be difficult. Instead, look at the bills you face following your accident. You can include the cost of vehicular repairs, vehicular rentals, and property damage within your complaint. Medical expenses related to your accident can also find their way into your calculations.

Don’t be afraid to consider your non-economic damages, either. These damages include any trauma you feel you endured due to your accident. You can work with a dangerous road condition accident lawyer in Tucson to determine what the value of these losses looks like.

Government Immunity and Civil Suits After Dangerous Road Condition Accidents

There are a few different parties that can be held liable for dangerous road conditions. In many cases, it’s the government’s job to uphold the safety of local roads. If you get into an accident because you couldn’t avoid erosion, a pothole, or a similar condition, you can bring that loss to the attention of your local representatives.

That said, government officials throughout Arizona are entitled to some legal immunities. You will have a limited amount of time to issue a case against these individuals after your accident. Similarly, you’ll have to contend with A.R.S. § 12-820.03. This statute protects Arizona reps from roadway suits provided that the road in question:

  • Was up to safety standards at the time it was laid
  • Has warning signs indicating dangerous conditions

You may only pursue a lawsuit against government officials if the road in question is “obsolete.” If you choose to take up this kind of suit, we can elaborate on this definition in your complaint.

Other Parties Liable for Dangerous Road Condition Accidents

It’s not only government officials who can be responsible for dangerous road condition losses, though. Drivers who recklessly ignore worsening weather or unsafe roads can be found responsible for your losses. Construction crews who don’t mark their work effectively can also take on liability for your accident.

It’s our job as Tucson dangerous road condition accident attorneys to follow the evidence. We’ll assess the scene of the accident and determine how we can use available evidence to identify a liable party.

Bring Your Road Condition Claim to the Attention of Tucson Courts

Despite the allowances made by Arizona’s state statutes, you still have a limited amount of time to present any concerns about road conditions to Tucson’s civil court. A.R.S. § 12-820.01 allows you 180 days to file a complaint targeting a government official or public figure with your losses. If it’s another body you want to target, A.R.S § 12-542 may give you up to two years to act.

If you’ve been severely injured in your accident, the deadline applied to government-targeting suits may not be enough time for you to recover. That, however, is why our team is willing to do the legwork necessary for case building. Once we’ve discussed the circumstances that led to your accident, we can begin investigating on your behalf.

You must file a complaint with your local civil court if you want to seek compensation for your road condition losses. Failing to submit a complaint against a government official within the aforementioned timeline can see your right to compensation waived.

The Timeline of Today’s Road Condition Accident Civil Lawsuits

While you are required to submit a personal injury complaint within a set period of time, a court may take several weeks to get back to you. We’ll keep you updated on the status of your complaint.

If we receive word that your case can move forward, we’ll meet with you to discuss your options. An approved claim allows you to summon the party you believe to be liable for your losses. You can summon this party to negotiations or to a traditional trial.

Traditional civil trials tend to take longer to resolve than negotiations. However, trials also tend to keep you from compromising on your losses. You can discuss your ideal timeline and presentation of your case with a Tucson, AZ, dangerous road condition accident attorney.

It’s Time to File a Suit for Dangerous Road Condition Damages

Potholes, road erosion, and other kinds of damage present an active danger to drivers on Tucson’s roads. When government representatives, construction crews, and other liable parties don’t protect you, you have the right to pursue compensation for your losses.

You can meet with a dangerous road condition accident lawyer in Tucson to discuss your best path forward after an accident. Zanes Law Injury Lawyers will guide you through the process of filing a complaint and representing your losses before liable parties. For more information, you can contact us and schedule your first case consultation.

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