No two intersections are the same. You need to stay alert if you want to protect yourself and your passengers from an intersection accident, especially if the intersection in question is dangerous. If you do get into an intersection accident, though, who is to blame: you, another driver, or the person who designed the intersection in the first place?

Our dangerous intersection accident attorneys in Tucson want to help you answer this question. More than that, Zanes Law wants to help you win the compensation you need to safely recover from a dangerous intersection accident. You can work with our office to bring the question of liability to a Tucson civil court.

Addressing Dangerous Intersections in Tucson

It doesn’t take much interference to make an intersection dangerous. Intersections that are rich in foliage or obstructions can make it difficult for drivers to make sense of traffic. In this same vein, intersections that aren’t frequently repaired can pose a threat to your car’s stability. If a pothole destroys your car’s undercarriage, you could lose control and cause a collision.

Some of the most common dangers to come across in Tucson’s intersections include:

  • Under-maintained lights
  • Distracted drivers
  • Drunk drivers
  • Potholes
  • Poor intersection design

The intersection that you get into an accident in does not have to be designated dangerous by the local government if you want to qualify for a dangerous intersection accident. Instead, you can bring forward evidence of the apparent dangers in your initial complaint. Your efforts could subsequently see the intersection more effectively maintained in the days following your suit.

Where to Address Your Dangerous Intersection Complaint

If you want to submit a dangerous intersection complaint to your local county clerk, you need to identify the party you want to hold liable for your losses. In intersection car accidents, this is often another driver. That said, government officials and construction teams can also be responsible for your losses.

To determine liability, work with a dangerous intersection accident attorney in Tucson to assess the duty of care owed to you at the time of your accident. More specifically, you can ask yourself:

  • Which of the parties at the scene behaved in an unreasonable way?
  • Did that party’s behavior directly result in your injuries?
  • To what extent were you injured?

Drivers, government officials, construction teams, and even pedestrians all owe one another a duty of care. Parties who violate this duty endanger everyone around them. So long as you can present evidence of a violated duty of care, you can take the accused party to court.

Request the Right Damages After a Dangerous Intersection Incident

Some bills seem like they come out of nowhere after an intersection accident. When you find yourself contending with a sudden uptick in expenses, you may be reluctant to pursue legal action. Fortunately, civil suits can help you procure the financial support you need to fund your post-accident recovery.

You can request economic and non-economic damages after a dangerous intersection accident. These damages tend to cover your:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses related to your accident
  • Essential care, including physical therapy, mobility aids, and medications
  • Property damage
  • Rental property essential to securing your ease of living
  • Emotional damages
  • Wrongful death

Not sure what damages may apply to your dangerous intersection accident case? Talk with our team. We can back your request for compensation with medical testimony and evidence from the scene of the accident.

Dangerous Intersection Complaints, Trials, and Negotiations

Filing a dangerous intersection complaint doesn’t lock you into a particular course of legal action. Instead, you can work with both the defendant and your attorney to determine what your best course toward compensation looks like.

If you prefer a traditional trial, you can request a judge’s input on your losses. Trials put control of your possible compensation in the hands of both a judge and jury. While you can benefit from punitive damages through this process, be prepared to spend a significant amount of time in court.

Comparatively, you can resolve your need for financial compensation in negotiations. Settlement negotiations allow you to meet with the defense’s representation and discuss the extent of your losses. While you may have to compromise on your requested compensation, you can resolve negotiations much faster than you could a trial.

Picking Your Best Path Forward

Trials are not better than negotiations. Nor are negotiations more effective than trials. In some situations, an unsuccessful negotiation may even need to transition into a trial, depending on the position of the defendant. 

With that in mind, know that your path to compensation is going to be highly individualized. You can weigh your legal options ahead of time with help from our office.

Beware of Dangerous Intersection Complaint Deadlines

Dangerous interaction accidents fall under the broader umbrella of car accidents. When you go to file your dangerous intersection complaint, you’ll categorize your case as a personal injury suit. With that in mind, you have to abide by the submissions deadline established for Arizona’s similar cases.

A.R.S. § 12-542 lets Arizona residents take up to two years to file dangerous intersection complaints with the state’s county clerks. If you fail to submit your complaint within this deadline, you waive your right to request compensation through civil court.

Don’t let this deadline catch you unawares. If you think your injuries or other circumstances might prevent you from filing, contact a Tucson, AZ, dangerous intersection accident lawyer. We can make sure that your case is on a county clerk’s desk within two years of the day your accident takes place.

We Help You Hold the Right People Accountable for Your Dangerous Intersection Losses

Your dangerous intersection accident lets you hold other drivers and government agencies accountable for your losses. When you bring your losses to civil court, you do more than request damages in return for your injuries. You also fight to ensure no one else has to endure the dangers of your local intersections without options for legal recourse.

Our dangerous intersection accident lawyers in Tucson, AZ, are ready to fight for you. You can contact us to start bringing together the documents you need for a strong civil case. Let Zanes Law Injury Lawyers offer our combined 80 years of experience to your cause.

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