The aftermath of a car collision can feel as overwhelming as the accident itself. These collisions can result in serious personal injuries and loss of property. If another driver has been particularly reckless, you may even lose out on the wages you need to support your family.

That’s why Zanes Law wants to help you challenge instances of roadway negligence. Our Tucson car collision attorneys can take your car accident to court. Sit down with our team, and we can discuss the accident compensation to which you may be entitled.

Fault and Comparative Negligence in Arizona Car Collisions

The insurance providers in Arizona operate in accordance with the state’s at-fault accident policy. This means that one driver can be determined to be liable for an accident, and their insurance, in turn, will be responsible for attending to their covered losses.

That said, Arizona also operates on one of the most lenient comparative negligence policies in the country. This means that two people may each be responsible for a car accident, but both may also have the right to pursue legal compensation. Your right to compensation, then, depends on the argument you can present with a Tucson car collision attorney. 

Even if the defendant argues that you contributed to the accident in question, you can still receive compensation for your losses. In accordance with A.R.S. § 12-2505, your awarded compensation will be reduced by the percentage which you allegedly contributed to an accident.

Contesting Insufficient Financial Support

You can get into a car collision with a private citizen or an on-duty employee. If you get into an accident with someone who works for a ridesharing company, the local government, or a larger corporation, you won’t be able to bring a legal complaint against that individual. Instead, your complaint will need to be brought against the person’s company.

In these cases, larger institutions may opt to make you a settlement offer. Settlement offers help large corporations avoid time spent in court, not to mention the publicity that may come along with a civil suit.

This doesn’t mean that settlement offers are malicious in nature. Rather, you’ll need to consider your offer with care. We can contrast an offer with our own estimate of your possible compensation. In turn, we can negotiate for any losses that an allegedly-liable party may have overlooked.

Bring Your Car Collision Losses to Court

You cannot bring a car collision and its losses to civil court without first filing a complaint. Complaints, or claims, help county clerks and judges alike determine the severity of your circumstances. 

In your complaint, you’ll need to detail:

  • The name of the person or party that you believe to be liable for your car collision
  • Evidence supporting your claim or identifying a violated duty of care
  • Details regarding the losses you endured in the accident
  • An estimate of our desired car collision compensation

You can work with car collision lawyers in Tucson to determine whether or not you want to include witness statements or other, harder forms of evidence alongside your initial complaint. 

At the end of the day, this document is designed to help you fight for the right to summon a liable party to either a trial or negotiations. You’ll have an opportunity to elaborate on your position if a county clerk carries your case forward.

Car Collision Compensation Negotiation and Trials

When you bring your losses to the attention of a Tucson court, you give yourself the opportunity to pursue financial support through either a trial or negotiations. The trial process is the best-known means through which someone can request compensation. Negotiations, however, can speed along the legal process.

Car Collision Trials

If you want to participate in a car collision trial, you can expect to bring your case before a judge. Before the trial begins, however, you need to undergo discovery. Discovery allows both the prosecution and the defense to exchange information regarding the circumstances that led to an accident.

Upon the conclusion of discovery, your representative will proceed with an opening statement. We’ll speak with your witnesses and cross-exam the parties that the defense chooses to bring forward.

Car Collision Negotiations

Negotiations, comparatively, see you and the allegedly-liable party meet one-on-one. Your legal representatives may still be present throughout these meetings and can even negotiate on your behalf. 

It’s in your best interest to bring your initial estimate of your desired compensation to a car collision negotiation. As you work with the defense to find an agreeable amount of financial support, you can refer back to this number as a baseline.

Arizona Car Collision Deadlines to Consider

Recovering from a car collision may not be an easy process. If you’ve been injured by someone else’s negligence, there’s a good chance that you’ll need medical attention and physical therapy. Unfortunately, legal deadlines don’t always take your need for rest into account.

According to A.R.S. § 12-542, you will have two years from the day on which your accident occurs to react to your losses. You must file a claim regarding your losses within that timespan. If you’re not able to get a complaint to your county clerk within that timeline, the courts in Tucson have the right to reject your request for compensation.

The good news is that you don’t have to draft your complaint on your own. During an initial case consultation, we’ll discuss your losses and the circumstances that contributed to your collision. While you recover, a Tucson car collision attorney gathers the information needed to complete and submit a comprehensive claim.

Our Claims Address All Your Car Collision Losses

When you think about the losses you endure in a car accident, you likely think about your economic damages. While lost personal property and personal injury are both serious, they aren’t the only damages that you may have to contend with. Non-economic damages can be as debilitating as economic ones, and they can be harder to detect.

Non-economic damages include losses like PTSD, permanent or temporary disability, loss of companionship, and wrongful death. These losses do not always come with a pre-assigned dollar value. In turn, many people who’ve been in an accident are inclined to leave these losses out of their requested compensation.

You don’t have to neglect these kinds of losses when it comes time to fight for financial support. Instead, our team can turn to state precedent and determine what other injured parties have received for comparable damages. In turn, you can present a unified request for compensation that addresses all your post-accident conditions.

Let’s Break Down Your Accident Together

You can never predict a car collision. The only thing about an accident that you can control is your reaction. As soon as you and everyone you love are safe, you can reach out to one of the car collision lawyers serving Tucson, AZ. Our team can work with you to discuss both your losses and the legal responses you have available to you.

Remember: Arizona’s car accident statute of limitations can sneak up on you. Call or contact our office online before your time runs out. The team with Zanes Law is ready to go to bat for you.

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