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Arizona Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

Zanes Law is an Arizona based personal injury law firm with offices in both Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona, and Seattle, Washington.  Our Phoenix premises liability attorneys are experienced litigators and know how to win.  Our Tucson fall accident lawyers have helped thousands of clients with their slip and fall cases.

At Zanes Law our slip and fall accident lawyers believe that information is power and one role that we play is to provide you with information. In order to do that, our slip and fall accident lawyers are conveniently located in both our Phoenix and Tucson offices and we are happy to speak with you at any time. Arizona’s state and local governments do not publish detailed slip and fall stats. So, the next best thing is the information provided by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). This information pertains to the entire United States population and is current as of 2015.

5% of female workplace fatalities and 11% of male workplace fatalities were caused by slip and fall accidents. More than 8 million hospital visits resulted from slip and fall accidents – making slip and fall injuries the leading cause for trips to the emergency department.

Slip and fall accidents happen at home as well. In fact, more than half of accidental deaths at home are caused by slip and fall accidents. 14 people in Arizona lost their lives at work due to a slip and fall accident – this is lower than the national average.

Workplace slip and fall accidents are most common in the private transportation and warehousing industry.

In Arizona, customers experience slip and fall accidents as well. If a walkway isn’t well maintained, or a spill isn’t quickly blocked off and cleaned up, it’s very easy for customers to lose their footing.

At Zanes Law our slip and fall accident lawyers represent employees, customers and anyone else that experiences a slip and fall accident in in Phoenix, Tucson, or any other location in Arizona due to someone else’s negligence. We hold industries and individuals accountable for their actions, helping to reduce the ongoing risk of slip and fall injuries. Our goal is to ensure slip and fall victims in Arizona receive the financial compensation they need to cover medical bills, lost income from missed work and any ongoing impact on their daily life as a result of the accident.


After a Slip and Fall Accident in Arizona

A slip and fall accident is both jarring and a little embarrassing. Don’t let yourself feel so embarrassed that you skip taking important steps to medically address any injuries – many of which are not immediately apparent due to adrenaline.

First, check your immediate surrounding for additional dangers. If the fluid you slipped on is flammable, carefully move to safer surroundings. If you suspect a back or neck injury, do your best to immobilize these vulnerable parts of your body while getting away from other sources of danger.

Next, call 911 to receive safe transportation to the hospital – immobilizing your neck and spine is crucial. First responders will generate a report that will be filled with important details to help establish the facts of the accident later. If you’re able to get contact information for any witnesses, this will help as well.

Once you arrive at the hospital, allow the physician to complete their examination. They’ll be able to identify all of the injuries you suffered as a result of your slip and fall accident. Prompt treatment of slip and fall injuries is a key factor in a full, speedy recovery from your injuries.

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Phoenix Premises Liability Attorneys

Both business owners and property owners are responsible for the accidents that take place on their property because of the Arizona premises liability laws. These laws are what our Phoenix premises liability attorneys use to get our injured clients compensated. Most people think about slip and fall injury claims with premises liability, but there are other forms of property based negligence. To have a premises liability claim you must prove that the property owner could have prevented the accident. The critical factor is the fact that better safety measures would have prevented the accident and ensuing injuries. If you have experienced a premises liability accident, contact the Phoenix premises liability attorneys at Zanes Law immediately. We have handles cases ranging from slip and falls to negligent security and death cases.

Types of Premises Liability Claims

Each day we all spend a significant amount of time on other’s property. Unfortunately, we are not always aware that stores, schools, amusement parks, pools, and other business have a high likelihood of accidents. The different types of cases that our Phoenix premises liability attorneys see are:

It is difficult to determine liability in a premises liability accident. Our Phoenix premises liability attorneys know that these cases are complex and can involve life-changing injuries. Also, the premises liability laws tend to favor the property or business owner. Therefore, it is essential to hire the experienced Zanes Law Phoenix premises liability attorneys after being injured on someone else’s property.

Tucson Fall Accident Lawyers

The Zanes Law Tucson fall accident lawyers have been fighting for the rights of slip and fall accident victims for over fifteen years. You are our only focus after you have been injured in an accident.

Most Common Causes Of Falls

Why do most people fall and hurt themselves? Improperly built or designed structures cause falls. Also, environmental factors cause falls. Fall injuries can be devastating, and some of the most injured people that the Zanes Law Tucson fall accident lawyers help are fall victims. So what are the common causes of falls seen by our Tucson fall accident lawyers?

Unsafe Walking Surfaces:

The surfaces that we walk on must be safe. Whether you are on a sidewalk, stairs, pavement, or some other surface, it should not be loose, cracked, rotted away, or have holes or other dangerous deficiencies.

Fencing That Does Not Keep Others Out:

Swimming pools, construction sites, and other dangerous environments must have fencing that keeps out children and other people. The purpose of the fencing is to protect people from the unknown dangers beyond the fence, so the fencing must accomplish this task. It must be adequate to keep trespassers out.

Slick Surfaces:

Some surfaces are slippery all by themselves and create a dangerous condition. Other surfaces become slick from a liquid such as water, chemicals, cleaning products, or other liquids. Under either circumstance, it is the property owner’s responsibility to make the defective safe by cleaning it or fixing it. At the very least, the owner must post warning signs to protect their visitors.

Safe Stairs:

A building owner must make sure that any stairs meet the building codes, are well maintained and are not slippery, and have the appropriate railings.

Unsafe Raised Structures:

Raised structures like bunk beds, balconies, tree houses, scaffolding, and other structures that fail to have safety features are hazardous.

Dangerous Equipment & Furniture:

playground equipment, chairs and furniture, lighting, fire pits, and other structures that can harm visitors must be in a safe working condition. When not maintained, the property owner is responsible for any injuries caused.

At Zanes Law our Tucson fall accident lawyers have over fifteen years of experience representing clients hurt in premises injury accidents. Since the inception of Zanes Law, our attorneys have helped clients harmed under all of the above situations. So when a property owners negligence harms you, turn to the Tucson fall accident lawyers at Zanes Law.

Contact the Zanes Law Arizona Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers Immediately

After a slip and fall accident, the company or individual responsible for the facility where you experienced your accident will try to contact you. Their goal is to gather additional information about the slip and fall accident. The information they gain will be used to try and minimize the amount that they initially offer you – or even justify them not offering you anything at all.

If they feel that they could be potentially liable for your injuries, their insurance company or their lawyer will be in touch. Their goal is to pressure you into accepting a low-ball cash offer in return for agreeing not to sue them. This is a critical decision that requires specialized legal experience and information that you will not have on your own.

The Zanes Law slip and fall accident lawyers are located all of our offices, which are located in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. We’ve helped accident victims recover more than $140 million to help offset expensive medical treatment, lost income from missing work and ongoing costs of treating long-term injuries. We can provide you with the answers you need, based on our decade and a half of experience helping slip and fall victims in Arizona.

We do not charge upfront fees for our personal injury services. Our family owned law practice has dedicated our lives to helping families recover from accidents caused by other people’s negligence. If we are unsuccessful in securing a favorable outcome in your personal injury case, you will never see an invoice from us.

Legal assistance can be expensive. Our goal is to give you and your family the information you need without adding to your financial strain. Give our 24/7 slip and fall victim hotline a call right now. We’ll answer your questions and schedule an in-person meeting at either of our Tucson or Phoenix offices to discuss the specifics of your case.

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