Securing appropriate compensation after you have been injured in a car accident is almost always an arduous process. If the accident involved an Uber, it becomes even more complicated. Rideshare drivers are independent contractors, meaning Uber is not automatically liable for an accident. You might have to look to the driver’s personal liability policy for restitution.

Insurance companies often attempt to avoid liability and use aggressive tactics to convince the injured person to settle for less than their claim is worth. It would be wise to work with a determined rideshare collision attorney who could handle negotiations on your behalf. Get in touch with Zanes Law right away for help with your Phoenix Uber accident settlement.

Determining Fault in an Uber Accident Claim

In Arizona, the person who caused an accident is responsible for paying any injured parties’ damages. The state also requires all drivers to carry liability insurance, meaning the at-fault driver’s insurance company will compensate the injured parties.

There can be multiple people or entities responsible for an accident. For example, if an Uber driver runs a stop sign and hits another car in the intersection, the rideshare driver seems at fault. However, if the stop sign was not visible, the city might be liable for inadequate signage. Further, if the driver who was hit was speeding, they also might bear some responsibility.

The various insurance companies involved will attempt to minimize their insured’s responsibility and allocate it to others, including the injured person. Thus, it is essential to retain an Uber accident lawyer who could identify who is primarily liable and seek a settlement from their insurer.

Partial Liability in Phoenix

Arizona Revised Statutes §12-2505  permits individuals who are partially at fault to seek damages from other parties, but their award will be reduced by a percentage equal to their share of the blame. Injured parties with legal representation may be less likely to be burdened with an unfair portion of responsibility for an accident.

When is Compensation Available Through Uber’s Insurance?

Uber drivers are independent contractors, so the rideshare company is not necessarily responsible for any injuries or damages their drivers cause. In addition to the standard liability coverage state law requires, Uber drivers must have comprehensive coverage that offers uninsured motorist protection, personal injury protection and collision coverage.

If someone was injured in an Uber accident while the driver was not working or was roaming and had not accepted a ride, the driver’s personal coverage might be all that is available in a settlement. When a motorist is logged in and waiting to accept a ride, some Uber coverage may apply.

How Much Compensation May be Available in an Uber Settlement?

If someone is injured in an accident with a logged-in driver, the motorist’s insurance may not cover all their expenses. In cases such as these, Uber offers an additional $50,000 for bodily injury of one person, $100,000 aggregate for bodily injury of more than one person, and $25,000 for property damage.

Once a driver has accepted a ride, Uber’s full coverage becomes effective, even if they have not yet picked up the passenger. Uber’s insurance provides $1,000,000 in third party liability and uninsured motorist coverage.

Elements of Fair Settlement

Settlements in car accident cases should make an injured person whole by reimbursing them for all the losses they suffered in the collision. Reimbursable expenses could include medical care, lost wages, and property damage. A settlement may also consist of payments for non-economic losses such as pain and suffering, mental anguish, and inconvenience.

When Uber attempts to deny coverage for an accident involving a driver, the motorist’s personal coverage limits might prevent an injured person from receiving a fair settlement. An experienced Phoenix attorney could insist that Uber’s insurance cover the difference in the injured person’s losses.

A Skilled Attorney Could Help You Seek Justice in Phoenix Uber Accident Settlements

Negotiating with an Uber insurer can be difficult, as the company defends auto collision claims aggressively. An experienced lawyer could help injured parties with Phoenix Uber accident settlements. Call today to discuss your case and find out what might be possible for you.

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