Securing a reasonable settlement in a car accident case can be a difficult process. In an at-fault state like Arizona, it would seem easy. You might assume that the insurance company will read the police report, find out who was responsible for the crash, and provide you with the compensation you need. Unfortunately, establishing fault is not as simple as reading a police report.

When a large company like Uber is involved, a seemingly simple car accident case can become even more difficult. Rideshare companies are aggressive in defending themselves from negligence claims, and Uber denies all liability if the driver is not logged into the app. However, significant insurance coverage may be available to you if the at-fault driver was on the clock during the accident.

An experienced rideshare accident lawyer could help you prove you suffered injuries and damages due to the collision. Doing so requires swift action and persistence. Reach out to Zanes Law today to learn how to gather evidence in Phoenix Uber accident cases.

Obtaining the Essential Reports and Receipts

After an auto accident, it is crucial to call local law enforcement. The police should investigate any collision that causes an injury or significant property damage.

Police Accident Reports

The accident report will detail the crash based on evidence at the scene and witness reports. It will also often designate who was at fault for the wreck. This report is critical because it provides evidence from the officers’ observations and witnesses’ statements.

Uber Ride Requests and Receipts

It is also essential to collect documentation proving the Uber driver was working at the time of the accident. Passengers could provide screenshots of their ride requests and acceptances to confirm that they were using the rideshare service when the accident occurred. If so, an injured passenger could pursue a claim against Uber’s liability coverage of $1,000,000.

Rideshare Logos and Decals

Other motorists, pedestrians, or cyclists involved in an accident with a rideshare driver should note any logo decals or other indications that the driver works with Uber. A plaintiff’s attorney could use this evidence to investigate whether the driver was working as an Uber driver when the accident happened.

Other Relevant Evidence in Phoenix Uber Accident Claims

An injured person’s attorney will also seek out information from other individuals involved in the crash. They might depose witnesses to obtain their sworn statements for the case. Witness statements often provide clues that help identify potential negligence.

The Uber driver is an important witness. Not only will the driver have a perspective to share about the accident, but they could reveal whether they were working for the rideshare company when the incident occurred. If there is any doubt, Uber might try to disclaim liability. If the company is successful at escaping fault, an injured person might have to rely only on the driver’s personal liability insurance to cover their damages.

Uber and other rideshare companies should have GPS and app records of their contracted workers. These records are critical pieces of evidence and can prove whether the driver was working when the accident happened. An injured person’s legal representative could demand the preservation of that evidence as soon as possible after a rideshare accident.

Time Limit for Pursuing a Case

According to Arizona Revised Statutes §12-542, individuals seeking damages for personal injuries must bring a lawsuit within two years of the date of their injury, or they lose their right to sue. They also lose all leverage with insurance companies.

By bringing a lawyer on board soon after an accident, plaintiffs could preserve their right to sue. It also eases the process of building a strong case. It is always best to review physical evidence from an Uber accident before it is lost and to interview witnesses while their memories are fresh. Any delay in retaining a lawyer could weaken an injured person’s case.

We Have Experience Collecting Evidence in Phoenix Uber Accident Cases

Proving that a driver was negligent in an accident can be complicated under any circumstances. When a large rideshare company is involved, it is even more complex. Uber has a team of aggressive investigators and lawyers devoted to proving that the company is not liable for your injuries.

Counter their aggression with a skillful legal representative of your own. Contact a lawyer for assistance gathering evidence in Phoenix Uber accident cases.

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