Car accidents are often overwhelming and inconvenient. You may have severe injuries and damages, but getting a fair settlement from the at-fault driver’s insurer can be a hassle. If an Uber driver was at fault, the process becomes even more challenging.

Uber has an investigation process for accidents and legal claims resulting from them, but it is not always transparent. This could leave an injured person unsure about how to proceed. An experienced ridesharing accident lawyer could help you understand how investigations following Uber accidents in Phoenix work.

Reporting Rideshare Accidents to Law Enforcement and Uber

Those involved in an accident should call the police to the scene if the crash results in an injury or significant property damage. Law enforcement will ensure that injured people get the medical care they need and prepare a report detailing the collision. This police report can provide important evidence if fault for causing the accident becomes a matter of dispute.

When an Uber is involved in an accident, the company should also be notified. Rideshare drivers and passengers can report the accident through the app. Uber’s insurance coverage is available to injured passengers, so it is crucial for passengers to notify the company of the accident and their injury as soon as possible. Informing Uber of the vehicle collision will initiate the company’s own investigation.

Uber’s Investigative Unit Assesses Accident Claims

When Uber receives an accident report, it typically follows up immediately with the driver and passenger to confirm the incident and ensure any injured people received medical care. Next, the company requires the driver to complete a report that includes:

  • Trip ID
  • Circumstances that led to the accident
  • Pictures of the involved vehicles
  • Whether emergency response units came to the scene
  • Contact information for any passengers, other involved drivers, and witnesses
  • Police report
  • Citations issued

The company will review this information and pass it along to its insurance carrier. Uber may take action against the driver by removing them from the app. If the accident resulted in severe injury or if there is an indication of criminal activity such as driving under the influence, a special unit of Uber investigators called the Law Enforcement Response Team might continue to work the case.

An injured person seeking information about a claim for damages resulting from an Uber accident could have difficulty. Uber has a reputation for being uncooperative with people who pursue claims against the company. An attorney in Phoenix could help injured passengers get the answers they need to initiate an investigation and seek compensation through Uber’s insurance policy.

What is the Statute of Limitations in Phoenix?

Arizona Revised Statutes §12-542 allows injured persons two years from the date of their injury to bring a lawsuit seeking damages. A person who fails to bring a claim within that timeframe cannot seek redress in the courts.

Injured parties may attempt to negotiate a fair settlement. However, insurance companies could draw out negotiations until the statute of limitations expires, leaving the injured person no time to find legal representation and file a lawsuit. Injured parties who work with attorneys from the beginning of their case could begin investigating the Uber accident immediately and avoid this unjust outcome.

Hire an Attorney for Help with Investigations Following Uber Accidents in Phoenix

If you were injured in an Uber accident, you should seek professional assistance to get the compensation you need. Large ridesharing companies devote massive resources to avoiding liability and may use aggressive tactics to intimidate you into accepting a low settlement offer.

A skilled attorney at Zanes Law could fight on your behalf in settlement negotiations or a lawsuit. Call today to schedule a case review and discuss investigations following Uber accidents in Phoenix.

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