Swimming pools can provide a much-needed break from the Arizona heat, but they can also be dangerous if not properly maintained. Every year, countless people suffer injuries due to the acts of negligent pool owners.

If you or a family member sustained injuries and other damages due to someone else’s carelessness, a Glendale swimming pool accident lawyer could help you achieve justice. Our skilled injury attorneys have the experience needed to guide you through the legal system.

Potential Hazards at a Swimming Pool

Most people understand that the owners and managers of public swimming pools and aquatic centers are responsible for keeping their premises safe. However, private homeowners with pools have a responsibility to protect their visitors as well. Maintaining a safe pool environment and remaining in compliance with state law requires a lot of effort.

If a pool owner fails to maintain their property, the following hazards could cause serious harm to swimmers:

  • Slippery surfaces
  • Dangerous water levels (either too high or too low)
  • Absence of safety devices like gates, covers, and signage
  • Lack of emergency flotation devices
  • Damaged ladders
  • Pool drains that do not meet legal standards
  • Faulty electrical wiring for pumps, lights, and vacuums

Anyone who was injured after being exposed to an unsafe condition at a swimming pool should talk to an experienced lawyer to determine if they have a valid claim for damages.

Drowning Incidents and Other Common Pool Injuries

People often associate drowning accidents with young children who do not know how to swim or are left unsupervised. However, there are many situations that could put adults and seemingly competent swimmers at risk of drowning.

Improperly capped drains, which create excessive amounts of suction, have been known to trap people underwater. The consequences of prolonged oxygen deprivation can be disastrous, if not life-threatening.

What Are Other Common Swimming Injuries?

Given that there are many potential hazards associated with pools, it is not surprising that there are various types of swimming injuries. Common medical conditions include:

Even if the pool is empty, there is still a risk that someone could fall in and hurt themselves if it is left uncovered. Lawyers familiar with swimming pool cases understand that families dealing with these types of unfortunate accidents need compensation for the harm they have suffered.

Laws Governing Swimming Pool Operation in Glendale

There are many state and local laws that regulate pools in the area. For example, both Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated § 36-1681(B) and Glendale Code of Ordinances § 32-3(b) mandate that pool owners have walls, fencing, or other barriers that are at least five feet in height fully surrounding the pool areas.

Owners must place these barriers a minimum of twenty inches from the water. The gates on these enclosures must be 54 inches tall, self-closing, and self-latching. They must also open outward.

These laws apply to both in-ground and above-ground pools. However, they do not apply if everyone living in the home is over six years old.

Living Areas Inside the Enclosure

If there is a residence or living area inside the pool enclosure, Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated § 36-1681(C) and Glendale Code of Ordinances § 32-4(b) require homeowners to put in place extra protections, such as:

  • A barrier (five feet in height) between the pool area and the residence
  • A motorized safety pool cover
  • Special safety windows or doors
  • Door open notification alarm systems or pool entry alarm systems

Above-ground pools must have non-climbable sides and removable ladders. A violation of any of these laws is a petty offense, which can serve as evidence of the owner’s negligence in a civil suit. Attorneys who regularly represent pool accidents victims could use these laws to strengthen an injury claim.

Seek Compensation with the Help of a Glendale Swimming Pool Accident Attorney

Many pool accidents are avoidable. Unfortunately, negligent homeowners often fail to take the necessary precautions to keep their visitors safe. Our Glendale swimming pool accident lawyers could help you hold the responsible parties liable for your injuries and damages. Call our office right away to get started.

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