The growing availability of food delivery services like DoorDash, Uber Eats, Postmates, and Grubhub has noticeably increased the number of vehicles on Arizona roadways. With more delivery cars on the road attempting to fulfill orders quickly, the risk of accidents rises.

Due to complex insurance policies, accidents with food delivery vehicles are not as straightforward as collisions with personal vehicles. A Glendale food delivery accident lawyer familiar with these unique issues could put you in a better position to recover just compensation. With the help of a dedicated car wreck attorney, you could stand up for your rights after a severe collision.

The Role of Insurance in Car Accident Cases

In all automobile wrecks, insurance coverage plays a large role in the resolution of the case. Most car accident cases are resolved through settlement negotiations rather than a full-blown trial. Attorneys who regularly handle food delivery accident cases could represent injured parties in either forum.

When negotiating a settlement, insurance companies aim to resolve the matter quickly and disburse as little money as possible. Insurers often attempt to obtain statements from the injured parties, which they may misconstrue and use against the plaintiff during settlement negotiations or court proceedings. Accident victims should not speak with the other party’s insurance without consulting a lawyer beforehand.

Injured parties should remain cautious of insurance adjusters’ proposals and carefully review all offers. Though there may be no requirements to have legal representation, retaining counsel is a wise decision when dealing with complex insurance issues related to food delivery vehicle collisions.

Differences in Insuring Food Delivery Vehicles

After a food delivery accident, many insurance companies could cover the injured party’s damages. The delivery driver, their employers, and the injured person should all have auto insurance policies.

Restaurants and food delivery services, such as Uber Eats, Postmates, and DoorDash, hold liability insurance policies that may or may not cover their delivery drivers. To determine whether a particular insurance policy applies to the case, one must examine the details of the accident.

What Factors May Influence Coverage?

The policy’s coverage may differ depending on what stage of the delivery process the driver was in. Some policies may only apply if the delivery person was actively picking up or delivering an order. After the delivery is complete, the driver’s personal auto insurance company may be the primary source of coverage.

Conversely, the point in the delivery process may be irrelevant if the company policy designates the driver’s policy is primary. In such instances, drivers must secure separate commercial auto insurance to cover their vehicles when they engage in business activities, such as delivering food. If that policy does not adequately cover the plaintiff’s injuries and damages, the local restaurant or food delivery company would likely cover the difference.

A skilled attorney who understands complex insurance issues could help injured parties recover the maximum amount possible by clarifying overlapping or competing policy terms and identifying who is responsible for the food delivery accident.

Assigning Liability in Gilbert

Insurance companies may deny responsibility for paying damages by arguing that the injured party caused the accident. This attempt to shift blame and reduce their liability could negatively impact the plaintiff’s case.

Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated §12-2505 states that the court may reduce the injured person’s damages by their percentage of fault. For example, if a claimant is deemed 90 percent responsible, they may still collect 10 percent of the total damages awarded. By working with an experienced food delivery accident attorney, injured parties could argue that the other driver was solely responsible.

Partner with a Glendale Food Delivery Accident Attorney

When seeking damages for a car accident, it is crucial to understand how the legal system works. This is especially true if the other driver was working for a restaurant or food delivery service at the time of the wreck.

Our Glendale food delivery accident lawyers understand the unique issues that may arise in these cases, and we could guide you to a successful outcome. Call us today to discuss your case.

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