Federal and state laws mandate safety precautions for construction zones, factories, and other worksites, making them considerably safer than they used to be. However, serious accidents still occur, leaving injured Glendale workers with unexpected medical bills and lost wages on top of their physical suffering. To alleviate these tragic scenarios, Arizona and federal workers’ compensation laws allow injured victims to seek compensation for their losses.

Unfortunately, some employers and their insurance companies may try to deny coverage to those suffering from workplace accidents. If you were injured at your place of employment, a Glendale workers’ compensation lawyer could help you obtain the benefits that you deserve. Reach out to an experienced attorney who understands the complexities and procedural requirements of these state and federal laws.

What is Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ compensation is a type of insurance that helps those who are unable to work after being injured on the job or developing an occupational illness from performing their usual duties. Although many people think that these laws only apply to factory or construction employees, workers’ compensation can cover people in all different types of industries. Workers could even recover for pre-existing injuries if they can establish that a workplace accident worsened their condition.

Unfortunately, employers and their insurers will often try to avoid paying earned benefits by arguing that the injury occurred outside of the worker’s job duties. A seasoned attorney could help a Glendale worker receive compensation by investigating their accident and collecting evidence to prove that their injury occurred within the scope of their job duties.

Worker’s Compensation Laws in Glendale

Workers’ compensation laws allow injured workers to recover compensation for their workplace injuries without having to prove fault in a personal injury suit against their employer. In fact, workers’ comp statutes generally prohibit injured employees from litigating against their employers. Because these benefits are usually exclusive, injured workers cannot take advantage of workers’ comp while simultaneously suing their employer for the same accident.

Additionally, Arizona has a no fault, no blame system, which means that a worker is still eligible for benefits even if they bear some blame for the accident that caused their injuries. A knowledgeable local attorney could explain how both federal and state workers’ comp laws apply to a particular situation.

Does My Employer Have Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Arizona laws require most employers to carry workers’ comp insurance. Although several categories are exempt, such as independent contractors and sole proprietors, employers who have at least one other full-time or part-time employee usually must provide this coverage. A well-researched workers’ compensation lawyer could explain whether any of those few exceptions apply to a Glendale employer.

Recoverable Workers’ Benefits in Glendale

One of the pros of workers’ compensation laws is that they provide guaranteed benefits to injured workers. The downside is that the payouts are not as large, and the benefits are not as unlimited as in personal injury suits against employers. Generally, injured workers are eligible to receive payment for their medical expenses and disability benefits to make up for their lost wages. If the worker passes away, their family could also receive death benefits.

However, non-economic damages, such as pain and suffering, and punitive damages are not recoverable under workers’ compensation laws. There are also strict procedural requirements for receiving benefits, which could be difficult for an injured worker to comply with on their own. Because of this, it is crucial for those seeking workers’ compensation to contact a local attorney who is well-versed in the filing and application procedures.

Reach Out to a Glendale Workers’ Compensation Attorney

State and federal workers’ compensation laws are complex, and a simple error in the application process could lead to your coverage being denied. If you suffered harm from performing the duties of your job, speak with a knowledgeable Glendale workers’ compensation lawyer to help pursue the benefits that you need. Call today to set up a meeting.

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