There are few types of accidents more life-changing than those that result in mobility loss. Widespread paralysis can be devastating, but even the loss of function in a single limb could have a significant impact on your personal and professional life

If you lost feeling in one or more areas of your body after an accident, you might be able to seek damages from the person responsible. It would be in your best interest to speak with a Glendale paralysis injury lawyer about your legal right to file a civil claim. A qualified catastrophic injury attorney could review the unique details of your potential case and help you recover compensation from the at-fault party.

What Types of Accidents Could Cause Mobility Loss?

Many types of accidents could result in paralysis. However, car wrecks are the most common causes of mobility loss and subsequent paralysis injury lawsuits. Other common incidents that can result in the loss of mobility include slipping accidents and collisions during athletic competitions.

Depending on the type of accident an individual is involved in, the scope of their paralysis injury can vary significantly. Injuries to the lower part of the spine may lead to loss of function below the waist, or paraplegia. Alternatively, injuries to the upper back and neck often lead to paralysis of the torso and all four limbs—quadriplegia.

Certain types of traumatic brain injuries can also cause paralysis. For example, severe head trauma might cause hemiplegia—paralysis of one vertical half of the body—or monoplegia—loss of function in one limb. No matter what degree of paralysis the injured party is suffering from, representation from a determined attorney is often essential to recovering adequate compensation.

Seeking Compensation for Long-Term Complications in a Glendale Paralysis Case

Paralysis is almost always a permanent condition, and it is rare for individuals to regain full mobility in the affected part of their body. For that reason, any personal injury claim for a paralyzing injury must address the losses the victim has already suffered, and those they will continue to suffer for the rest of their life.

In addition to emergency medical expenses, lost work wages, and short-term physical pain, a skilled lawyer familiar with mobility loss cases could also seek compensation for:

  • Future costs of rehabilitative medical care
  • Home modification expenses
  • Costs of in-home assistants
  • Emotional anguish

Extreme situations involving intentional malice on the defendant’s part may also warrant a punitive damages award. A local attorney could work diligently to investigate the injured party’s paralysis case to determine what types of damages may be available.

Talk to a Glendale Paralysis Injury Attorney

If a recent accident left you paralyzed to any degree, you might be dealing with significant financial losses in addition to your physical and emotional pain. Though you may never reach a full physical recovery, a Glendale paralysis injury lawyer could fight to get you the financial compensation you need to support the healing process. Call today to learn more about what a seasoned attorney could do for you.

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