Immediately following a wreck on your motorcycle, you may be unsure what steps you should take to protect yourself. If another driver was responsible for your collision, you could potentially hold them financially liable for your harm.

However, this can be incredibly challenging without legal guidance. A skilled lawyer could advise you on what to do after a motorcycle accident in Phoenix to maximize your compensation.

Steps to Take After a Motorcycle Wreck

Following a collision in Phoenix, there are some vital steps an injured motorcyclist should take to ensure their wellbeing both physically and legally.

Receive Prompt Medical Care

The first priority of a motorcyclist after being involved in a wreck is to receive medical treatment. Many injuries, such as traumatic brain damage, do not present right away which can result in them becoming even more catastrophic. Further, prompt medical care could provide reliable evidence of damages in any ensuing civil case against the negligent party. Therefore, local attorneys often advise motorcyclist not to wait to seek treatment in order to better protect themselves.

Contact the Authorities

Anyone involved in a motor vehicle collision should be sure to contact law enforcement, especially in the event of severe injuries or death. Police officers will make a report and gather important information from all parties that could be used as evidence. The reporting officer may also make note of who he or she believes is responsible for the crash, which could be valuable in a motorcycle wreck case.

Gather Evidence

If the motorcyclist is able, they should gather as much evidence as possible. This would include the other driver’s information, photographs of the scene, and contact information of any witnesses. It is also important to get the other driver’s insurance information.

As this can often be difficult to achieve after a motorcycle wreck, it is important for the injured party to work with an experienced attorney in Phoenix who could provide guidance during this difficult time. A well-practiced lawyer could identify what evidence is needed and ensure all the correct contact information is obtained.

Should Someone Contact an Attorney or Insurance First?

It is often better to contact an attorney after a motorcycle accident in Phoenix prior to speaking with an insurance company. This is because it is the job of insurers to minimize their pay out. In other words, an injured motorcyclist is less likely to receive as much coverage as they deserve if they are not properly represented.

This is especially vital when it comes to speaking with the defendant driver’s insurance company. Accomplished lawyers could help an injured motorcyclist avoid making incriminating statements that could compromise their claim, as well as ensure that they are not lowballed during settlement negotiations.

Contact a Phoenix Attorney After a Motorcycle Accident

It is important to understand what to do after a motorcycle accident in Phoenix in order to maximize your potential recovery. Failing to seek medical care, gather important evidence, or work with an attorney before speaking with insurers could result in you not recovering as much compensation as you deserve.

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