Motorcycle manufacturers are required to design bikes and their parts in a safe manner so that users can ride free of harm. However, either due to a manufacturing or design error, sometimes motorcycles contain defective parts that require them to be recalled.

It is imperative that bikers are aware of motorcycle defects and recalls in Phoenix, as suffering harm on a recalled bike could severely impact an ensuing civil case. If you were involved in a motorcycle crash due to a defective part, do not hesitate to seek guidance from a skilled local attorney.

What are the Dangers of Riding a Recalled Motorcycle?

When it is discovered that a motorcycle is defective, manufacturers will often recall the product to avoid liability in the event of an accident. This is because a faulty part or system can result in catastrophic harm to riders.

For instance, if the braking system on a person’s motorcycle fails, that can result in the biker colliding with another motorist or being unable to stop before entering an intersection. Not only could these wrecks result in devastating, even fatal harm to the motorcyclist, but it can create substantial barriers to recovery.

If a manufacturing company gave notice of the recalled bike, they could argue in an ensuing claim that the motorcyclist was aware of the defects and chose to ride the bike anyway. In this case, it could be argued that the motorcyclist is therefore responsible for his or her own injuries and losses. Even if the motorcyclist was not aware that the bike was recalled, it could still drastically decrease the amount of potential compensation a biker could recover.

What if a Motorcycle Wreck was not Caused by a Defect?

In the event that a motorcycle collision occurs that was the fault of another driver and not a defect, the fact that the motorbike was recalled could still impact recovery. The defendant could argue that due to the defective motorcycle, the biker could have avoided the wreck.

As any vehicle accident involving a motorcycle can result in substantial damage, any decrease in recovery could be devastating to the injured biker. Therefore, it is highly advisable that motorcyclists in Phoenix stay up to date with recalls and defects to avoid this issue.

Imminent Danger of Motorbike Defects

Imminent danger refers to hazards that pose an immediate risk to a person’s wellbeing. In many cases, defective motorcycles fall under this term.

If a manufacturing company fails to recall motorbikes that have dangerous defects, many motorcyclists are at risk of substantial, even deadly injuries. In the event a biker is harmed in a wreck due to a defective motorcycle that has not been recalled, a lawyer in Phoenix could make a claim for punitive damages.

Punitive damages aim not to compensate the injured party but rather punish the defendant. In this way, these damages can be used to encourage manufacturers to promptly recall defective motorcycles in the future.

Discuss Motorcycle Defects and Recalls with a Phoenix Attorney

Motorcycle crashes are some of the most harmful and deadly vehicle collisions across the country. When these bikes are not properly made, motorcyclists can hold the negligent manufacturers liable for their losses. However, it is important to first check all motorcycle defects and recalls in Phoenix.

Recalled motorbikes can have a substantial impact on your potential recovery. Call our office today to discover what we could do for you.

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