State law does not require adult motorcyclists to wear helmets, but it is highly recommended. Brain injuries are some of the most common consequences of motorbike wrecks. Wearing a helmet can significantly reduce the risk of severe head trauma.

For more information about motorcycle helmet laws in Phoenix, you should reach out to a seasoned attorney at our firm. Knowledge of these rules and regulations can be beneficial when dealing with the aftermath of an accident.

Are Motorcyclists in Phoenix Required to Wear a Helmet?

Only motorcyclists under the age of 18 are required to wear head protection. Adults may choose whether or not they want to wear a helmet, though it is strongly recommended. Regardless of age, all riders are required to wear glasses or goggles while operating their vehicles. Those who are unsure about their requirements under state law should speak with a knowledgeable motorcycle accident lawyer.

Federal Standards for Manufacturing Helmets

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the government entity that sets the federal standards for manufacturing motorcycle helmets. On-road helmets must meet the performance requirements detailed in 49 Code of Federal Regulations § 517.218.

Manufacturers must adhere to these guidelines and self-report that their products meet the standards in order to receive the NHTSA seal of approval. The agency does not test the helmets before giving the certification, though they occasionally test random samples of products to verify compliance.

If the company’s helmet does not pass the tests, they will be fined. When shopping for a motorcycle helmet in Phoenix, it is always best to purchase one with the NHTSA seal.

Measuring the Performance of a Product

The National Highway Traffic Safety administration performs several tests on helmets. For example, they assess how well the product deals with impact. This is done by holding the helmet at a fixed height and dropping it on a flat surface. The agency also does tests to determine how well the product resists penetration and how much force the straps can withstand without breaking.

How Can Lack of Head Protection Impact a Civil Claim in Phoenix?

Though it is not mandated by law, failure to wear a helmet can negatively impact an individual’s motorcycle accident case. If someone suffered a traumatic brain injury in a vehicle collision, the opposing party might deny responsibility if the motorcyclists did not have head protection.

In the event that the opposing party is successful, the injured person may have their compensation reduced by a significant percentage. While a skilled lawyer could anticipate these tactics, it is best to always wear a helmet.

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Riding a motorcycle comes with many risks. Larger vehicles may have trouble seeing you, and an accident could result in severe head injuries. The motorcycle helmet laws in Phoenix only apply to minors, but adults should wear head protection as well. To learn more about the federal and local requirements concerning safety gear, speak with one of our dedicated lawyers. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.

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