Scooters are an increasingly popular, fun way to get around, especially in places with sunny weather, like Phoenix. The growing rental market has made this transportation option readily available. All it takes is a click on an app, and you are ready to go! However, operating these vehicles involves a great deal of risk, and accidents can quickly occur. Severe injuries can result from such wrecks, leaving you in need of medical attention and legal representation. Consult with a Phoenix motor scooter/Vespa accident lawyer to understand your rights and discuss options for securing just compensation.

Scooter or Moped – Does it Matter?

Although to most people scooters and moped are interchangeable, the law treats them differently. The distinguishing factors are the motor’s size and the maximum speed the vehicle can reach. Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated defines types of motorized bikes such as mopeds and motorcycles at Section 28-801(40) & (41) but does not address scooters or Vespas. Some towns and cities have ordinances that fill this gap. Phoenix City Code § 36-1 includes scooters in the definition of motorized play vehicles.

State law applies the same traffic rules and obligations to mopeds and motorcycles as all other vehicles but is silent regarding scooter operation. On the local level, the Phoenix City Code steps in and adopts the State laws applicable to mopeds and motorcycles. The Code then bans motorized play vehicles – Vespas and similar vehicles – from using public roads under Phoenix City Code § 36-64.

Distinguishing among various types of motorized bikes can be confusing, and a favorable resolution of compensation claims may hinge on the designation. Lawyers familiar with the differences between mopeds, scooters, and other forms of electric bikes may help an injured party determine the type of vehicle they rode and how that category may affect the outcome of their liability case.

Causes of Motor Scooter Accidents

The recent popularity of Vespas and similar-type scooters put more of them on the road than ever before, increasing accident numbers. One major factor is their size. They are smaller than other vehicles and may not be as visible to fellow drivers. Additionally, some drivers are unaccustomed to sharing the road with scooters and do not understand the need to watch out for them. These dynamics may lead drivers to engage in maneuvers that endanger scooter riders, such as changing lanes or making unsafe turns.

Scooter mishaps may also stem from road hazards such as construction work, debris, potholes, bumpy surfaces, and defective or poorly maintained equipment. A skilled motorcycle accident attorney who is familiar with these types of cases could have the experience and knowledge to thoroughly investigate such incidents, identify all responsible parties, and work to achieve fair settlements or just court decisions.

Taking Responsibility for Vespa Accidents

Negligent drivers who disobey traffic laws or make reckless decisions (i.e., driving under the influence) may account for many motor scooter accidents in Phoenix. However, other drivers are not the only ones who may be legally responsible:

  • Scooter rental companies
  • Vehicle and parts manufacturers
  • Pedestrians
  • Government bodies

Rental companies have an obligation to provide safe, well-maintained motor vehicles. The companies who build the bikes and supply parts, both new and replacement, must refrain from putting defective items into the stream of commerce. Failures in these areas could result in such entities being held liable for a rider’s injuries. Similarly, government agencies may bear responsibility if they do not maintain safe roads or create unsafe driving conditions.

By working with seasoned lawyers who regularly handle accidents involving Vespas and other scooter-like vehicles, an injured party could develop a comprehensive plan of action that effectively addresses all potential defendants and legal theories and gives them the best chance to maximize their financial compensation.

Address Your Phoenix Motor Scooter/Vespa Accident with a Dedicated Attorney

Knowing who to sue and what legal strategies apply to your accident claim can be overwhelming and maybe even discouraging. But our committed Phoenix motor scooter/Vespa accident lawyers can be with you every step of the way. Having their guidance may better equip you to face insurance adjusters, and if necessary, a judge and jury. Getting our help is easy; it starts with one phone call. Contact us today to schedule your first consultation.

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