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What to Do After a Car Accident

In a car accident, your priority is to make sure that you and everyone else is safe, so you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible for your injuries. Even if you believe that you are not injured, you should consult a physician who can evaluate your medical condition and make an official diagnosis. If you are capable, try to do the following:

  • Write down the details of the other vehicle (make, model, year, etc.);
  • Get the other driver’s contact information, license number, and insurance;
  • Try to write down anything that the other driver says that establishes liability;
  • Get the names, contact information, and statements if possible from any eyewitnesses;
  • Take photos and videos of the accident; and
  • Document any personal injuries.

Types of Compensation in an Auto Accident Case

The types of compensation you can claim in an auto accident case depends on the circumstances of the accident, who is liable, and what damages you incurred.

You may be able to account for the following economic and noneconomic losses:

Immediate & Long-Term Medical Cost

You may have incurred a wide range of medical costs, including:

  • Emergency room or intensive care unit;
  • Pain pills or other medication;
  • Medical devices such as a wheelchair or crutches;
  • Rehabilitation; and
  • Disability, disfigurement, or long-term care.

Lost Wages

You may have lost pay while you were recovering from your accident. You may also be able to claim diminished future earning capacity if you are permanently disabled.

Noneconomic Damages

Noneconomic damages such as pain and suffering, emotional turmoil, or loss of consortium can also be factored into your compensation. Although it is impossible to calculate the exact value of your case, we will help you determine the damages to which you may be entitled.

What You Will Need to Prove to Establish Your Auto Accident Claim

To establish your auto accident claim, you will need to prove that the other party is liable for your accident and that the other driver’s actions or negligence led to your injuries.

Common examples of reckless or negligent driving include:

  • Failure to stop at a red light;
  • Distracted driving (texting, reading emails, phone call);
  • Speeding or driving too fast for road conditions;
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; and
  • Crossing into oncoming traffic.

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Establishing Liability for Your Claim

Our law firm can help you determine who is responsible for the accident by gathering the following types of evidence:

  • Police reports of the accident;
  • Eyewitnesses on the scene;
  • Photos or videos;
  • Expert witnesses; and
  • Medical reports.

We can conduct an extensive investigation and gather evidence to help you build your case. We will then present your case to the insurance company, and, if necessary, a judge or jury if you have to file a lawsuit.

How We Can Help You with Your Case

Your car accident legal team in Flagstaff, AZ, will help you with your case in the following ways:

Provide Legal Counsel & Guidance

You may discover that navigating your case can be difficult. A car accident lawyer in Flagstaff, AZ, can provide legal consultation and support throughout litigation. We will help you discover your legal options, choose the best course of action, and protect your legal rights.

Manage Your Case While You Recover

Our legal team can manage your entire case from A to Z, including convenient handling all paperwork, correspondence, and organizing all documents. We can make sure that you meet all deadlines and fulfill requests from all parties.

Negotiate a Settlement with the Insurance Company

We can engage with the at-fault party’s insurance company to negotiate a settlement. If the insurance company does not want to settle or offers an insufficient settlement, then we will look at other options such as filing a lawsuit and taking your case to court.

Our law firm will work hard so that you get a fair settlement from the insurance company and recover your damages. To find out more, call us at 866-499-8989 for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

Statute of Limitations in Arizona for Personal Injury Claims

According to the Arizona statute of limitations, you have two years to file a lawsuit for a personal injury case including auto accidents. If you fail to act by the deadline, you may no longer be able to file a lawsuit and recover your damages.

If you are unsure where that deadline to file falls for you, then contact Zanes Law. We can review your case to determine if your eligibility still falls within the two-year statute.

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