Yokohama issued a recall of its 529 Yokohama RY023 tires, and you did not get the memo. As you head to work, you suddenly lose control of your car, spinning 180 degrees into oncoming freeway traffic and getting hit head-on by a car that could not brake fast enough to avoid the collision.

You later discover that the tread on one of your Yokohama tires had separated from the tire casing—the very reason the tire manufacturer had issued a recall of these tires.

The injuries you suffered in the accident are painful and debilitating—not to mention expensive. You tell yourself that Yokohama probably will not compensate you because the company did everything to alert you of the tire defect and offered to replace the defective tire free of charge.

We are happy to tell you that you are mistaken. The tire manufacturer is responsible for producing the tire that caused your accident, and that company is obligated to pay you accordingly.

All you need is a defective tire accident lawyer in Phoenix, AZ who knows how to work a personal injury case like yours. Call Zanes Law today at 602-999-9999. We will do everything from A to Z to get you compensated tire accident in Phoenix, AZ.

Defective Tires Can Kill

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) knows how dangerous a defective tire can be. In 2017, a total of 738 people died on the road in tire-related crashes, the group reports. Sometimes the tire defect is caused by negligent manufacturing. Other times, installation and maintenance lead to tire problems that cause accidents.

To cut the incidence rate of these tragedies, NHTSA teamed with the Department of Transportation to create its TireWise website as a resource for consumers to use when buying new tires or seeking ways to improve the safety of their existing tires.

If a family member or loved one died in a defective tire accident in Phoenix, you can file a wrongful death claim against the at-fault party. Call our Phoenix defective tire accident lawyers, and we will walk you through the process.

The Most Common Tire Defects

The stability of a tire means everything in terms of not only the tire’s performance but also the vehicle’s performance. Any defect can cause the tire to malfunction—expand, lose traction, blow out, vibrate, or even fall off. The vehicle ceases to be much good to anyone when any of these events happen.

The most common tire defects are as follows:

  • Improper installation of the tire
  • Poor design
  • Use of inferior rubber and/or other products in the manufacture of the tire
  • Tread separation
  • Over or under inflation
  • Hot roadways or climate
  • Tire punctures
  • Air pressure issues

Any of these malfunctions can cause a driver to lose control of his vehicle and lead to an accident.

A Defective Tire Accident Lawyer in Phoenix Can Determine Who is Liable for Your Accident

Whether the defect resulted from negligence on the part of the tire manufacturer, tire shop, mechanic, or car owner, somebody breached his or her duty to the consumer and to other motorists.

Here is how our legal team would approach determining who is at fault for the hypothetical defective tire accident posed above.

  1. We would send an accident reconstruction specialist from our network to piece together how the accident happened.
  2. He would tell us a defective tire was the catalyst.
  3. We would determine that the tire manufacturer was Yokohama.
  4. We then apply the standard test for determining Yokohama’s fault and liability:

Criteria for Determining Fault and Liability

  • Did the party had a duty of care to you?
  • Did the party breach that duty?
  • Did the breach of duty cause the unsafe condition that caused your accident and injuries?
  • Did you suffer damages as a result of the accident and your injuries?

Clearly, we would answer “yes” to all the above questions as Yokohama is at-fault and liable for your damages.

Call Zanes Law, and a defective tire accident lawyer in Phoenix, AZ will lay out a plan for finding the at-fault party in your defective tire accident and bring that party to justice.

What Else a Defective Tire Accident Lawyer in Phoenix Can Do to Help Your Case

Besides determining the at-fault, liable party in your accident, the legal team at Zanes Law will do everything from A to Z to build a case and represent your needs.

For example, we will:

  • Visit the scene of the accident to gather evidence
  • Talk to witnesses
  • Obtain official police reports
  • Collect all pertinent medical records
  • Outline your income, actual and potential, to determine losses
  • Talk to vocational experts to determine the impact your injuries will have on future earnings potential
  • Send a demand letter to the at-fault party’s insurer
  • Negotiate a fair settlement with the insurer
  • File a lawsuit if a settlement agreement is not reached
  • Represent you in a court of law

We will efficiently and compassionately take every action required to see that you are compensated. That leaves you to do nothing but rest and heal. Call us today at 602-999-9999.

Recoverable Damages in a Defective Tire Accident in Phoenix

If we find that the negligence of another party caused your defective tire accident, we can request compensation for a wide range of damages. The nature of the accident and the injuries you sustain will dictate specifically which damages apply to your case.

Examples of Damages You May Seek in a Defective Tire Accident

  • Ambulance transportation
  • Medical treatment
  • Prescription medication, including pain management
  • Damage to your car, bicycle, or motorcycle
  • Damage to any personal belongings
  • Damage to clothes you were wearing
  • Past wages
  • Diminished future earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of life’s enjoyment

The legal team at Zanes Law will review and present your damages with compassion and conviction. We believe in your right for compensation, and our work will reflect that belief.

To Get the Results You Want, You Must Act Quickly

For a couple of reasons, you will want to act swiftly on pursuing your injury claim.

  1. Arizona has a statute of limitations that limits the time you have to pursue compensation after the date of the accident.
  2. Your lawyer and your case will benefit from getting an early start on building your case: access to evidence and witnesses while the details of the accident are still fresh and top of mind.

Zanes Law Dangerous Road Condition Accident Lawyer in Phoenix

Call Zanes Law to speak to a defective tire accident lawyer in Phoenix, AZ. You can reach us at 602-999-9999. We will do everything from A to Z to ensure that you are compensated for the injuries you have sustained and the expenses you have incurred.

Who knows? Maybe your action will prevent someone else’s having to experience the accident you suffered.

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