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Has a car accident left you or someone you love injured or disabled? If so, we can help. Zanes Law offers full legal services for victims who have been hurt in car accidents. You may be eligible to receive full compensation for your lost wages, medical expenses, and noneconomic compensatory damages.

We want to help you pursue a full recovery and reclaim your losses. Call Zanes Law today at 866-499-8989 for a free consultation. A car accident lawyer in Sierra Vista, AZ, can represent you to take on the insurance company and get a fair settlement.

Do Not Pay the Price for Someone Else’s Accident

Once we take on your car accident case, one of the first things we will do is establish who is responsible for your accident. There are several ways we can accomplish this, such as:

Speak with Eyewitnesses

We can get the names and contact information of witnesses who were at the scene. We can take their statements to find out exactly what happened.

Photos or Videos

We can use videos and photos as evidence of your claim. We can take pictures of both vehicles, the crash site, or your injuries. There may also be video footage of the accident that can substantiate your claim.

Hire Expert Witnesses

Our law firm can retain expert witnesses who will corroborate your story and back up your legal claim. Witnesses may include police officers, accident reconstruction experts, or medical professionals.

Review Medical Records

Insurance companies often ask for evidence that the auto accident is the cause of your injuries. We can submit medical reports that confirm how you received your injuries.

Obtain a Copy of the Police Report

If a Sierra Vista police officer arrived on the scene, we can review the details of the official police report.

We can submit all the evidence as proof of fault and liability. Our lawyers may also be able to use the evidence to establish your case value. You should not have to pay the price for someone else’s negligence or careless driving. If someone else is at fault for your injuries, then we will obtain all the evidence necessary to solidify your claim.

To find out more about how we can handle your case, call Zanes Law today at 866-499-8989 for a free consultation.

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How We Help You Determine the Value of Your Case

How much you are entitled to receive for your damages depends on several factors, including who caused your accident, the nature of your injuries, and your total losses, injuries, and other expenses. Keep in mind that it is impossible to put an exact figure on how much your case is worth. However, we can help you determine what you can claim as recoverable damages. Some examples may include:

  • Your trip to the ER, hospital, or emergency surgery
  • Recovery room expenses
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Prescription medicine
  • Extended care
  • Disability or disfigurement

You can be compensated for lost income after a car accident. In addition, you may also be entitled to noneconomic damages, including severe pain and suffering or loss of consortium.

Managing Your Car Accident Case

It can be difficult to handle everything that goes into trying to reclaim your medical expenses, lost wages, or other economic losses while you are recovering from your injuries. Our law firm can take the burden from you and manage your claim from start to finish.

We can perform all the duties associated with your car accident case, including:

  • Handling all paperwork and submitting all documents to the insurance company
  • Engaging with the insurance company to get you a fair settlement
  • Obtaining the evidence we need to build your case
  • Filing a lawsuit against the insurance company or at-fault party, if necessary
  • Representing you in all areas of your claim
  • Providing guidance and support so that you do not feel alone during the legal process

We recognize how challenging it can be to navigate the legal system here in Arizona or take on insurance companies that do not want to pay out. While you are recovering from your injuries, we will work hard to help you receive fair and just compensation.

Arizona Statute of Limitation for Car Accident Cases

If you have never filed a lawsuit in Arizona, then you may not be aware of the statute of limitations for personal injury cases including car accidents. According to Arizona Statute A.R.S.§ 12-542, you have two years to file a lawsuit against the insurance company from the date of your accident.

If you do not file a lawsuit within the statute of limitations, you may no longer be eligible to file a claim or recover your losses. Zanes Law can help you submit all documents before the deadline so that you can move forward with your case. Call us today and let us help you with your claim before it is too late.

A Car Accident Lawyer in Sierra Vista, AZ, is Here to Help You

Zanes Law offers full legal assistance for victims who have been injured in a car accident in Sierra Vista, AZ. We understand the difficulty you are going through and want to help you get back on your feet. If you have been hurt and want legal help to recover your losses, call us today at 866-499-8989.


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    After I was hit by a drunk driver last year, Zanes Law handled my case and my experience was a positive one. Even though the guy was never given a sobriety test (due to a lot of inconvenient and frustrating circumstances including police incompetence and other thin

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    I never though of myself as a person that would ever file a lawsuit, but sometimes you have to do what you don't want to do to get what you need/deserve this was one of those times i didn't know a thing about the process they we very helpful in answering all of my

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    I enjoyed my experience dealing with Zanes Law. The staff kept me up to date every week. It was nice to know how my case was progressing week by week. Everyone I dealt with was very friendly and also helpful.

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