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While dogs bring joy and companionship to many people, they can also be dangerous under certain circumstances. A dog bite—or even a full-on dog attack—can occur without warning or provocation and leave you with brutal injuries. Dogs are not the only animals that bite humans. In general sustaining injuries from animal bites, whether from a cat, parrot, or horse, is common.

If a neighbor’s pet or a stranger’s dog bit you, your child, or another member of your family in Scottsdale, you may be able to hold the dog’s owner responsible for the financial impact of the dog bite.

Call Zanes Law at (866) 499-8989 to speak to our Scottsdale legal team. Consultation calls are free, and we may be able to manage your case against the party liable for your injuries.

We take cases on a contingency-fee-basis with no up-front costs to our clients.

The Dog Owner May Be Responsible For Your Damages

Dog ownership is a serious responsibility. The state of Arizona holds dog owners accountable for the actions of their animals, even if they were not present when the dog bite occurred.

According to Arizona Statute § 11-1020, dog owners must give you compensation if their pet causes you physical injury or property damage. The dog owner’s insurance company may compensate the victim with a settlement offer. Victims may also sue the insurance company for the full value of their injuries if the insurer does not make a fair compensation offer.

Determining Who Owns The Dog

If the owner of the dog that bit you is an acquaintance or neighbor, share their name and contact information with your dog bite lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ as soon as you can. If you do not know the owner of the dog, you might be able to use one of these methods to identify them:

  • Ask people who witnessed the dog bite you if they know who it belongs to
  • Make a note of the neighborhood and the closest home to where you were bitten
  • Contact your local animal control agency who may have the dog’s records

Do not approach or attempt to catch a dog that bit you, your child, or a family member. Doing so could be very dangerous. Instead, contact the police or Maricopa County Animal Care and Control where you’ll give an animal bite report.

A dog bite lawyer in Scottsdale, AZ may be able to help you identify the dog owner responsible for your bite and hold them accountable. We can also offer consultation on the value of your injuries for settlement negotiations or represent you in a lawsuit.

Call us today at (866) 499-8989 for a free review of your case.

Scottsdale Dog Bite Lawyer Near Me (866)-499-8989

Possible Injuries From a Dog Bite

A dog’s bite can leave you with injuries and physical deformities. A bite can also leave you with an ongoing fear of dogs and other psychological trauma.

We recommend seeking medical treatment as soon as it is safe to do so after a dog bite so that medical personal can diagnose your injuries and begin treatment.

Certain dog bite injuries may require extended treatments. They include:

  • Bites, puncture wounds, and scrapes may need to be cleaned to remove bacteria from the dog’s saliva and prevent the risk of infection, then treated with topical creams and ointments
  • Bites might be surgically treated to minimize infection and preserve the victim’s physical appearance
  • Infections and their complications may require ongoing treatment

Contracting Rabies From a Dog Bite

Rabies is a virus people may get from the saliva of an infected animal when they are bitten. Arizona mandates that dog owners vaccinate their dogs against rabies. The state also has a 65-page manual on rabies control and animal bite management. If a dog is exhibiting symptoms of rabies or has no vaccination record, your doctor may recommend undergoing rabies treatment to prevent the virus from infecting your brain.

If you are bitten by a dog that you cannot identify or it is considered a stray or feral, make sure to share that information with the doctor who treats your injuries, as well as police and animal control.

Possible Compensation in a Dog Bite Case

Once you establish liability for the dog bite with the dog’s owner, your case will center on determining the value of your damages, or the costs the incident had to you. You will need to produce evidence of these damages as well.

A Scottsdale dog bite victim may be able to recover compensation for:

  • Current and future medical treatment
  • Lost wages for time spent away from work while recovering
  • Reduced earning capacity
  • Pain and suffering
  • And more

To discuss the possible compensation available in your case, contact Zanes Law at (866) 499-8989 for a free consultation today.

Get Compensation For Your Dog Bite

A dog bite can leave you injured, disfigured, frightened, and unable to immediately return to work. Fortunately, you are not alone in your fight for compensation.

A dog bite attorney in Scottsdale, AZ may be able to represent you and pursue compensation on your behalf while you concentrate on your recovery. This representation may include:

  • Answering your questions and providing legal advice
  • Gathering evidence in your defense, including witness statements
  • Gathering evidence of the full extent of your injuries
  • Negotiating with the insurance agencies on your behalf
  • Taking them to court if they do not make you a fair settlement offer
  • Defending your rights the entire time

Call Zanes Law at (866) 499-8989 to start building your case for compensation. Consultation calls with our Scottsdale team are free.

In addition, our firm operates on a contingency-fee-basis, meaning you do not pay a dog bite attorney in Scottsdale, AZ until they recover compensation on your behalf.


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