Losing your mobility in an accident can be an overwhelming experience, both physically and mentally. You may have to undergo numerous surgeries and intense physical therapy to adjust to your new way of life. If you are unable to work, you might also be struggling to manage your medical expenses.

State law provides avenues for injured parties to recover compensation from whoever is liable for the accident. If you are pursuing a lawsuit, we urge you to reach out to a Gilbert paralysis injury lawyer. A dedicated catastrophic injury attorney could help you get justice after an accident.

How Do Most Paralysis Injuries Occur in Gilbert?

Paralysis can occur after a sudden accident or develop over time. Many healthy people experience mobility loss after motor vehicle crashes, severe falls, and sporting accidents. If the injured party does not seek medical attention immediately, they may not be able to regain mobility in the paralyzed part of their body.

When a negligent party causes an accident, it is crucial that the injured person provide their attorney with all relevant information about the incident. A skilled lawyer could examine police reports and medical records to determine who caused the plaintiff’s paralysis.

Understanding the Varying Degrees of Mobility Loss

When a person’s brain stops communicating with the muscles in their body, it causes paralysis. An injured party might experience mobility loss after a severe jolt to the head, neck, or back. Generally, the location of the impact determines what of the body will become paralyzed.

Doctors classify paralysis based on the parts of the body that are affected. Depending on the severity of the accident, an individual could develop monoplegia, diplegia, hemiplegia, paraplegia, or quadriplegia.

Monoplegia and Diplegia

Monoplegia affects one small region of the body, such as the leg. Someone with diplegia would have mobility loss in the same area on both sides of their body, such as both legs.

Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, and Quadriplegia

Hemiplegia often occurs after a stroke. This type of paralysis impacts one side of the body, so the injured party may lose function in their left arm and left leg. Paraplegia impairs the lower body, whereas quadriplegia affects the entire body below the neck.

Depending on the type of accident and the severity of the injury, an individual might experience tingling or burning sensations in the paralyzed part of the body. Others might have a complete lack of feeling in the affected limbs. Regardless of the extent of the injured party’s condition, an attorney well versed in paralysis injury cases could build a fact-based claim for damages.

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If somebody else’s negligence or recklessness caused your mobility loss, you should reach out to a Gilbert paralysis injury lawyer. There are deadlines for filing an injury claim, so it is best to speak with a professional as soon as possible.

As you work to adjust to life after your accident, our skilled attorneys could seek financial compensation on your behalf. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we could pursue your case.

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