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This was the 1st time I've used Zanes Law. It was a fantastic experience for having to go through a situation most would rather not. The attorney and staff were always available to answer my questions and explained things clearly and were obviously 100% in my corner. My attorney, Jim, was very genuine and made me immediately comfortable when I came in to speak with him about my case. Every case manager I dealt with was patient and helpful. I would definitely return to Zanes should the time ever come again that I need a personal injury firm.

Kelly Kay

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Hello! As client of Zane law I was recently involved in accident last September and my recovery is still healing but Zane law checked on me and made sure everything was going smoothly and made sure I was on the right step every single time. I definitely would used them again ! They have helped my recovery so much and being a mom of 6 it has made my days a little more better/easier! From chiropractor to message therapist and making sure I had that extra help like trauma counseling to get through my days! I thank you so much Rachel and Annabelle!

Monique Cota

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Zanes Law was a terrific legal experience. I first went to a law firm that only wanted me to go to physical therapy and pad the bill, so they could utilize my insurance policy to its capacity. Once I went to Zanes, they were honest, professional and prompt with calls almost once a week. Sometimes I got a call just because we did not have contact for close to two weeks. Some calls were to just ask how I was doing. I also received more money than originally discussed. Great job Zanes Law!!!!! If need be I will use their services again. THANKS

James Doligale

Personal Injury

Zanes Law was a terrific legal experience. I first went to a law firm that only wanted me to go to physical therapy and pad the bill, so they could utilize my insurance policy to its capacity. Once I went to Zanes, they were honest, professional and prompt with calls almost once a week. Sometimes I got a call just because we did not have contact for close to two weeks. Some calls were to just ask how I was doing. I also received more money than originally discussed. Great job Zanes Law!!!!! If need be I will use their services again. THANKS

James Doligale

Personal Injury
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Car Accident

No one ever expects to be involved in a car accident, suffer an injury, or need to begin looking for a Phoenix car accident attorney.

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Wrongful Death

With the help of a Phoenix wrongful death lawyer, you should receive compensation for your losses.

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Slip and Fall

When you are hurt in an accident, our Phoenix slip and fall lawyers are only a phone call away.

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Motorcycle Accident

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Phoenix understand how dangerous it can be to ride a bike. So much so that we have created safety articles for years.

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Cargo-Loading Errors

Not every head-on truck accident is the direct fault of the truck driver. However, there are other factors beyond the driver’s control that can still entitle you to financial compensation. The driver may lose control of the truck because of the way that the cargo was loaded. Uneven cargo can cause the truck to swerve into the wrong lane, leading to a head-on crash. The trucking company or the entity that loaded the cargo onto the truck will be legally responsible for this crash.

There may also be a problem with the truck itself that causes the driver not to steer properly. Here, your truck accident compensation will come from a product liability lawsuit against the company that manufactured the truck or the part. You must prove that the product was defective to recover compensation.

Passenger Car Occupants Will Likely Suffer Severe Injuries

There are no two ways around the fact that head-on truck crash injuries will be far more severe than even other truck crashes. These accidents have a very high rate of serious injuries and fatalities. It is almost unheard of for a driver to walk away from a head-on truck crash uninjured. If you are reading this, there is a high chance that your family member was killed or so severely injured that they cannot handle legal matters.

Simply stated, there is far more force unleashed in a head-on collision with a truck. The passenger car driver is taking the full brunt of the weight of the truck. Fully loaded, the truck will weigh up to 80,000 pounds, which is, on average, 25 times more than the weight of the passenger vehicle.

In a head-on crash, the front of the driver’s car will crumple in on the driver. Even though the airbag deploys, it is often not enough to protect the driver when their body may suffer trauma from parts of their car or even the truck itself.

Injuries in a Head-On Crash

These are the common injuries in a head-on truck accident:

  • Traumatic brain injuries – even if the airbag deploys, the impact of the head-on crash will cause the head to hit something forcefully. This is perhaps the most serious head-on crash injury, and it will cause lasting and lifelong damage.
  • Spinal cord injuries – a head-on crash will have a puncturing force and extreme pressure that can cause a traumatic blow. The impact can injure vertebrae that can compress or sever the spinal cord. Head-on accident victims can suffer from paralysis or reduced motion.
  • Lacerations – Cars parts and glass will go everywhere in a head-on crash. The driver may also hit parts of the car itself. They will likely suffer severe cuts and bruising in the accident that will require immediate care.
  • Internal injuries – When things like the steering wheel, dashboard, and seat belt make contact with the body in a crash, it can cause severe internal injuries. These can include:

Internal injuries are among the most serious truck accident injuries because they may not be spotted right away. These injuries can grow worse without timely medical treatment. However, their symptoms may not be immediately apparent at first. Even in the rare circumstances that the accident victim seems fine after the crash, they should always seek medical care for a diagnostic exam.

Damages in a Head-On Truck Accident Case

After you or your loved one suffered injuries in a head-on truck crash, you might seek:

  • The full costs to treat your injuries, including surgeries, rehabilitation, hospital stays, doctor’s visits, prescriptions, and medical equipment
  • Money that you would have earned both in the past and future had you continued working to your full capacity.
  • Compensation for your experience since the accident, including pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of enjoyment of life

Wrongful Death Damages in a Head-On Accident Case

If your loved one died in a head-on crash, your family has legal rights. You can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the trucking company to compensate you for the losses that you suffered. Not only does the accident victim suffer the most serious injury of all, but the family also suffers unique damages from losing a family member. A wrongful death claim is the family’s personal injury action for what they have suffered.

In a wrongful death lawsuit against the trucking company, you can obtain:

  • The lost wages that your loved one would have earned throughout their working career
  • Your family’s emotional distress and trauma that comes from the sudden loss of a loved one
  • Compensation for the loss of the love and guidance that your loved one would have provided
  • Loss of consortium damages for the spouse

Notice that we referred to suing the trucking company instead of the driver responsible for the crash. You really will not have much to gain by suing the driver because they may lack the money to pay for your damages that can reach well into the seven figures. The trucking driver is an agent of the trucking company, who is held accountable for everything that they do on the job. Chances are that the trucking company has a large insurance policy to cover damages. Even if the responsible driver was an independent contractor, they will still have insurance coverage to pay for the damages.

How an Attorney Helps Your Truck Accident Case

Head-on truck collisions usually have greater damages than most vehicle crashes because of the severity of the damages and injuries. A valuable claim means that you need a lawyer to handle your truck accident with care from the very beginning.

The first thing is establishing the cause of the truck accident. Knowing what happened to cause the crash is only part of the picture. You will also need to learn more about the driver and the trucking company’s practices. This knowledge is gained only after a thorough investigation. You may only get access to certain key documents after you file a lawsuit.

The first step is proving who was at fault for the events leading to the accident. It will usually be pretty apparent after the crash which driver was in the wrong place. However, this is not the end of your case. First, you need to figure out the right entity to sue. Second, there may be records that can show the degree of recklessness on the part of the driver. This evidence can help you if you are seeking punitive damages in your case. The trucking company will not simply give you evidence upon request. A lawyer needs to legally work to gain access to it.

Securing Fair Compensation for Your Truck Accident Damages

Then, you will need to fight to receive proper payment for the full value of your claim. Here, you should be objective when looking at the numbers. A $1 million settlement may not help when you suffered $2 million in damages.

Your lawyer will work with you to understand the full extent of your damages. Then, they will negotiate with the insurance company if you choose to file a claim. Even if you file a lawsuit directly, your attorney will still attempt to settle because that ends most lawsuits more quickly. However, you need to prepare for this process to take time.

Truck accident cases can take a long time to resolve. Your case will take even longer if you need to go to trial. The important thing is that you hire a tough and experienced Phoenix lawyer and let them fight on your behalf. If you have the evidence, the law is on your side, and you want the right advocate on your side as well.

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