Many Gilbert residents take advantage of the convenience and ease of ridesharing. Carpooling services are often more time efficient than traditional modes of transportation, and they provide a safe option for getting home after drinking.

However, Ubers and Lyfts are just as at risk of traffic collisions as any other car. If you were injured as a passenger in a rideshare vehicle, speak with an experienced attorney about your options for pursuing financial compensation. A Gilbert Uber/Lyft accident lawyer could be an important ally as you recover from your injuries.

Common Causes of Ridesharing Crashes in Gilbert

Those who pay for a carpooling service expect a safe ride. Unfortunately, Uber and Lyft drivers sometimes engage in negligent or reckless behaviors that could lead to an accident. The following causes frequently contribute to ridesharing car crashes:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Making unsafe lane changes
  • Drunk driving
  • Driving while fatigued
  • Distracted driving, such as texting behind the wheel

Although carelessness does occur, most rideshare companies hold their drivers and vehicles to high standards. Both Uber and Lyft conduct background checks on their drivers, and they also require vehicles to meet specific safety standards. If a ridesharing collision does occur, a skilled attorney nearby could investigate to determine what happened and who might bear legal responsibility.

Could Uber or Lyft be Legally Responsible for a Driver’s Mistakes?

If a rideshare driver’s reckless or negligent behavior causes someone to suffer injuries, it can be challenging to determine who might owe damages in a civil claim. Under some circumstances, Uber or Lyft and their insurance companies could be liable for their drivers’ mistakes. Liability is often determined by what the driver was doing at the time of the accident.

If the Driver was Offline

If the Uber/Lyft driver was not logged into the app, a court would likely conclude that the rideshare company bears no liability. In this scenario, a claimant would need to seek damages from the driver and their personal insurance company. If the driver’s insurance company tries to deny coverage on the grounds that the policy excludes commercial activities in Gilbert, a persistent rideshare lawyer could help the claimant fight for their rightful compensation.

If the Driver Was Online but Waiting for a Pickup Request

If a traffic wreck occurs while the driver was logged in but not carrying a passenger, an injured claimant could pursue damages from the insurance companies of both the individual driver and the rideshare company. Uber and Lyft set forth limited liability coverage for their drivers to cover such incidents. A knowledgeable rideshare accident lawyer could explain the limits and help an injured Gilbert resident pursue financial relief for their losses.

If the Driver Had Accepted a Ride or Was Driving a Passenger

If a person is injured while riding in a Lyft or Uber, or if a ridesharing vehicle injures another motorist, passenger, or pedestrian while in service, the carpool company could be responsible for damages under their primary liability insurance coverage.

Unfortunately, big corporations like Uber and Lyft have the resources to fight injured victims and try to deny coverage. Our dedicated attorneys know how to stand up to these companies and could work tirelessly to pursue rightful compensation for claimants in Gilbert.

Call a Gilbert Uber/Lyft Attorney for Legal Support

Trying to recover damages after a rideshare accident is challenging. Multiple parties could be involved, including large corporations with significant legal resources. If you were injured due to a negligent rideshare driver, contact a Gilbert Uber/Lyft lawyer with the skills, determination, and experience to help you recover from your losses. Call our dedicated legal team today for a consultation.

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